Hedera Hashgraph

Hashgraph or Hedera Hashgraph is a data information and consensus algorithm that adopts concepts such as gossip about gossip and virtual voting to achieve faster and secure transactions. It claims to overcome the gaps left by blockchain. It is also a peer-to-peer platform that eliminates the need for complete transactional operations.

Hashgraph is known for its speed as it can handle thousands of transactions per second and verify over a million signatures per second. It can be called the new generation of blockchain and may well take over blockchain technology by proving its worth and authenticity.

Hashgraph does not use miners to validate transactions; instead, it uses a directed acrylic graph, which helps in time sequencing the transactions without dividing them into blocks. It utilizes a protocol known as gossip about gossip to send information between nodes in a network. The nodes send data to random members in the network with the history of the previous transaction; this results in the circulation of all the information among all the members.

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