Ditto Money

Ditto Money is the first elastic supply token project on the BSC, targeting a $1 equilibrium, achieved through “rebases”. Ditto Money is more than a basic rebase token; it is also an ecosystem with dAPPs for staking, governance, and NFT-based gamification. You can find out more about it HERE.

The Ditto Money team has continued rapid innovation after launching on the BSC. It all started with an organized IFO (Iinitial Farm Offering) on PancakeSwap held on December 23rd,. The IFO was a great success, as all coins were sold and the goals were met, raising $1,260,000 (1,400,000 DITTO tokens). In my previous article HERE, you can read more about how the IFO and sale were organized. Trainer Chad’s team now has come up with a new incentivized way to let more elastic token fans experience the great benefits of the BSC. This is much needed as the Ethereum network is slow, congested, and has costly transaction fees.

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