Algrothim (Algo) is a basic word related to the basic math equations, when it comes to cryptocurrency Algorithms (Algos) is the blockchain connectivity sphere to establish the peer to peer P2P connections between users in a space called (Node).

Each Algorithm related to a specific blockchain have it’s own unique mathematical magic formula to establish mining processes and calculations.

First Algo release was SHA256 to connect BTC Bitcoin and BCH Bitcoincash nodes users and miners. Second Scrypt with the launch of LTC Litecoin blockchain, Next was EtHash that called later Daggerhashimoto with the launch of ETH Ethereum and ETC Ethereum Classic blockchain, that later on the earlier days Ethereum Classic was megrated to it’s own Algorithm (Algo) which is Etchash. Followed by XMR Monero and…….. etc

All coins created from a specified blockchain and it become minable it’s Algorithm (Algo) will be related to the blockchain it was forked created on like:

PYRK:SHA256 – BitcoinAtom:SHA256 – DOGECOIN:Scrypt – PYRK:Scrypt – Callisto:ETHashExpanse:ETHash

Note that some coins may have forks or an initiated forks by the coins teams on another algorithms (algos) so it become mineable on different algorithms similar to the Example above.

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