CryptoBlades Teases New Features and Touches on the Exponential Growth of Their Play-to-Earn Ecosystem

CryptoBlades has grown to be the pinnacle of play-to-earn on Binance Smart Chain, and a major player across Decentralized Finance.

CryproBlades CEO Speaks on Success

CryptoBlades is looking to add a plethora of features such as player vs player (PVP) battles, specialized weapon drops, and a more efficient gas system.

BSC.News hosted Philip Divine, the CEO of CryptoBlades, Wednesday July 28, for a dive into the hottest play-to-earn Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Greg from BSC.News welcomed Philip to the LiveStream on YouTube with questions and commentary for over a half an hour in front of over 5,500 viewers. 

“Obviously no one can expect [this] type of growth would happen. But I knew we had something special with this game, and with this community,” Philip stated. “We had thousands of players clicking away and battling even at our most difficult times as a project.” 

Impressive Numbers

Cryptoblades hold a commanding lead on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)Greg and Philip described how the game has over 282,000 players which far outpaces every other game on BSC. It also eclipses PancakeSwap as the most popular entity on BSC.

There is no denying the popularity of CryptoBlades and its enormous growth. They have apparently maxed out their Discord. Philip mentioned that at one point $SKILL transactions held 50% of the volume on all of BSC.


CryptoBlades has created a healthy, robust game that has a sustainable rewards program. Players can expect to get equal rewards with the integration of the latest Oracle. The power of blockchain and BSC helps CryptoBlades to scale and reward unlike any other game on the web. 

More to Come

Philip confirmed that the team is working on adding new features. Philip announced that community raids and player versus player (PVP) battles will be coming. The PVP battles will incentivize battling users of all varieties to get special weapon drops. 

There will also be a new feature where players can control their stamina in order to battle more or less, saving tons on gas fees.

CryptoBlades seeks to offer their community many different gaming options. These game features will bring more community creation and reward incentivization for players. Greg and Phillip went through a few different game scenarios and detailed how players have the potential to earn up to $1000-$2000 USD worth of tokens per month. 

The play-to-earn model is providing some real world incentives for players that are increasing their exposure. This flips the world of tradition gaming and loot boxes on its head.

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What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is a web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on Binance Smart Chain. Like other NFT gaming platforms, CryptoBlades issues its native SKILL tokens to participants as in-game rewards. The game has received backing from major names like Binance, IGN, and Steam. They are also a participant in the Binace Most Valuable Builder II program.

Aside from competing to earn SKILL, players can also forge unique weapons and trade them on an open marketplace. Players can also stake their earnings and obtain more SKILL rewards. 

The CryptoBlades team is completely decentralized with over 50 developers and a GitHub open for participation and bug bounty rewards to continually improve.

Where to find CryptoBlades:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter |

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