CryptoBlades set to Sponsor PUBG Mobile Tournament

The sponsorship deal will expose the protocol given the vast popularity of the online game.

NFT GameFi Sponsors Traditional Online Gaming 

CryptoBlades, PlayToEarn (P2E) GameFi platform on BNB Chain, has partnered with one of the most played online games globally, PUBG, to promote gaming in Indonesia. As a result, the GameFi platform is the proud sponsor of the upcoming PUBG Mobile League Indonesian League (PMIL) Season 4 tournament. 

While the sponsorship will promote the Esports tournament in Indonesia, CryptoBlades will also benefit from exposure which is excellent for the protocol’s marketing. PUBG mobile official tournaments have an average of almost 5 Million viewers a day, and the latest tournament will enhance CryptoBlades’ exposure. The GameFi platform announced the sponsorship deal on April 8 via Twitter and published an extensive report on Medium

“CryptoBladers, we are extremely excited to share that CryptoBlades will be sponsoring the PUBG Mobile Indonesian League Season 4 Tournament! This comes with extensive exposure and a ton of huge marketing benefits from PMIL!” CryptoBlades wrote on Medium. 


CryptoBlades posted the tournament schedule on their blog. However, the GameFi platform disclosed that it might be changed, as the dates for both Qualifying rounds and the main event are not fixed yet. From the tentative schedule, the tournament (Qualifying Rounds and Main Event) should kickstart in April 2022 and end in June 2022. 

The tournament promises to be exciting for CryptoBlades fans and PMIL players. It also shows a strong relationship between traditional online gaming and NFT GameFi. Visit the CryptoBlades Blog for the full tentative Event schedule. 

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is an NFT PlayToEarn (P2E) roleplaying game built on the BNB Chain. The game was developed by Riveted Games, an award-winning game development that was established in 2014. CryptoBlades is one of the winners in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program.

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