Cryptoblades Makes Summer Push With July Updates

The team shares some important features, including plans to launch a stake-to-earn game.

Cryptoblades Shares Updates Ahead of CBK Beta Launch 

Cryptoblades is preparing to unveil its GameFi product, Cryptoblades Kingdoms (CBK) Beta, to the Non-fungible Token (NFT) space. Ahead of the Beta launch, the GameFi protocol shared some updates with BSC News about the team’s progress with the game’s development. 

One of the protocol’s core team members, Nick, discussed numerous features included in the PlayToEarn (P2E) game, such as Guild Feature, Marketplace Feature and bug fixes. Further, he talked about the upcoming CBK Village Builder game, offering users the chance to stake Land and earn rewards. 

“Another exciting development is the CryptoBlades: Kingdoms Village Builder, which is an incremental-adjacent game that allows you to stake lands to gain permanent benefits when CBK starts,” Nick told BSC News

The CBK Beta Whitelist registration is ongoing, as reported by BSC News on June 30. As of publication, users have up to 16 days to register and compete for $1000 worth of prizes. 

Updates and Features 

As stated earlier, Nick shared some specific updates with BSC News, covering what the CBK team has been working on:

Guild Feature 

This is where players can communicate in the game and support teammates by sending troops, forming alliances, and fighting against enemies. 

Marketplace Feature 

The marketplace is where players can sell or buy resources (Clay, Stone, Wood) in exchange for Gold and swap between $KING and Gold. 

Gold is the in-game currency. 1 $KING is equivalent to 1 Gold, and 1 Gold equals 0.95 $KING. 

Updated User Interface (UI) 

The CBK team is currently revamping the game’s UI. Important changes will be made to the Menu Page, Mail, Village UI, and Buildings Modal. 

Bug Fixes and Enhancement on the Backend 

The CBK development team has optimized the back-end to handle huge traffic. 

Other inclusions to the game are optimized map rendering, Conquering, Colony, and Missionary features. Read the CBK Beta document to learn more. 

Upcoming Exciting GameFi Trailer 

Following the updates, CBK will release the game’s trailer shortly. Nick said the team is working on releasing an intriguing cinematic trailer to the public. 

“The team at The Mill is putting the final polish on the cinematic trailer they are preparing for us. Their most recent cut already looks ready to go out but will last a while. They are going to put the final touches together to put out something amazing,” Nick wrote. 

In the meantime, CBK is preparing to showcase its GameFi product at the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles. The Web3, blockchain, and NFT event will go live on July 29 and end on July 31. 

What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms:

CryptoBlades Kingdoms is a P2E NFT game built on BNB Chain. The game’s Beta version is still under development, featuring a metaverse of villages, different resources, guilds, dungeons, and more. 

The Beta Whitelist is live for interested users looking to play the Beta game. 

Where to find CBK: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | 

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