CryptoBlades Launch ‘Kingdoms’ Features to Improve Gameplay

The protocol plans to win back the hearts of its community by launching a newly improved game with exceptional features.

CryptoBlades Teases New Game 

Non-fungible Token (NFT) game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), CryptoBlades, is set to launch a new installation to its protocol: CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK). The GameFi project looks to enhance its Play-to-Earn ecosystem while increasing users’ rewards with the recent innovation. 

CBK is a new game coming soon on the GameFi protocol with many exciting features. It is a strategy-based Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) with a fair Play-to-Earn mechanism built on BSC, as described by CryptoBlades on Medium. The protocol also teased the CBK game on Twitter

“CryptoBlades Kingdoms is coming,” CryptoBlades tweeted on 13th September. “A strategy-based land building MMORPG with fully compatible cooperative combat and guild creations, CBK is pushing the envelope for Play-to-Earn blockchain gaming.” 


When the protocol launches the CryptoBlades Kingdoms game, it will be the second installation to the CryptoBlades series. The first CryptoBlades Role Play Game (RPG)launched on 31st May to much initial success. 

A week after the first CryptoBlades series game launch, the protocol saw its native $SKILL token jump by a massive 178x from their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) price. However, $SKILL has retraced significantly since then as it is priced at $18.74 as of this writing. 

A handful of users already termed the project as “dead” due to the bearish run, but with CBK’s launch, CryptoBlades may win back the community’s support. 

CBK Promises Improved Gameplay 

The CBK game is almost complete and boasts of many promising features that will improve the protocol’s in-game rewards and overall gameplay. 

“I’m very excited to announce that the CryptoBlades team has nearly completed their second installation to the cryptoBlades series: CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK),” the September 12 post read. 

The publication also shed more light on the features. The most significant aspect is that users automatically get to own a village of their own as they begin their adventure.

Users are tasked to build their villages by obtaining resources, battling with other villages in Player Vs. Player (PVP) combat and collaborating with friends in Player Vs. Environment (PVE) combat, on top of many different unique customizations. 

CryptoBlades Kingdoms promises to be an exciting game that will compete with many Play-to-Earn NFT games on BSC. However, the launch has brought mixed reactions on social media, particularly with the present state of the $SKILL token. 

An angry Twitter user replied to CryptoBlades tweet about CBK | Source

Will the new game win back the trust of the community? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. For a more in-depth analysis of CBK features and customizations, read CryptoBlades’ Medium.

What is CryptoBlades? 

CryptoBlades is a web-based Non-Fungible Token roleplaying game launched on Binance Smart Chain. Like other NFT gaming platforms, CryptoBlades issues its native SKILL tokens to participants as in-game rewards. The game has received backing from significant names like Binance, IGN, and Steam. They are also a winner in the Binance Most Valuable Builder II program.

Aside from competing to earn SKILL, players can also forge unique weapons and trade them on an open marketplace. Players can also stake their earnings and obtain more SKILL rewards. 

The CryptoBlades team is decentralized with over 50 developers and a GitHub open for participation and bug bounty rewards to improve continually.

Where to find CryptoBlades:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter |

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