CryptoBlades Hosts OctoBlades GameFi Event With Updates, Rewards

CryptoBlades’ monthlong October event features new Gen2 NFT characters, a new Village Builder game, and a new currency, VALOR.

CryptoBlades NFTs, Games, Staking, VALOR

CryptoBlades is in the middle of their OctoBlades October celebration, including various updates, rewards and discounts for the game’s community.

CryptoBloades is a multichain PlayAndEarn blockchain game that operates on Polygon, BNB Chain and five other chains.

Since starting the OctoBlades campaign, the team has launched the new Gen2 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) characters, Village Builder, VALOR, and activated several features.

The Village Builder game that allows you to stake land, KING, SKILL, CryptoBlades characters, and CryptoBlades weapons to earn rewards that will link to CryptoBlades: Kingdoms upon launch.

“Two events that saw most of the talk from our community were the x6 increase of the reward pool, given that Gen1s were no longer being able to be minted – thus becoming deflationary due to Gen2s being released, and instead of earning unclaimed SKILL like Gen1 characters, Gen2s would earn the new unclaimed VALOR,” Isabel Lanz, CryptoBlades CMO, told BSCNews.


VALOR is a new token that Gen2 Characters can earn across all chains CryptoBlades is on. It can be traded for SKILL or KING, and can be staked on BNB Chain. The token is an additional earning feature from the Gen2 characters that also lowers the barrier to entry for new users looking to play the game. The results of all these efforts for the first week of the event bore fruit as CryptoBlades landed number one on DappRadar’s 7-day volume metric.

Lanz said more events are being planned for the month. She highlighted the upcoming “Tavern” event, where users can play against each other in casino-type games such as poker.

“Besides this, we plan to develop a similar campaign for November. All of our users and new users can expect the hottest features to be released, with daily quests and several events on a weekly basis,” she said.

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