CryptoBay, Together with DappRadar Announces Tiny Airdrop of $4 per Winner

The airdrop has commenced and will run until the end of the week.

Launch of Airdrop Campaign 

Play-to-Earn platform on Binance Smart ChainCryptoBay, and the number one trusted source for decentralized application (Dapp) data, DappRadar, have struck a partnership agreement to hold an airdrop campaign worth $400 in $PEARL tokens. 

Both heavyweights on the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market have combined to host a small airdrop, which will be shared among 100 lucky winners. DappRadar Tweeted about the airdrop campaign on 20th September. 

“Our exclusive @CryptoBayVip $PEARL #airdrop is now LIVE!” DappRadar announced the airdrop campaign on Twitter.

A total of 100 users stand a chance to win $4 worth of $PEARL tokens each. The airdrop registration has started and will end in the next five days, from 20th September to 26th September. Interested participants should visit the airdrop page to start registration and ensure that they have a BSC wallet and an E-mail address. 


CryptoBay’s PEARL Token 

$PEARL is CryptoBay’s central token. Every operation in the water-based GameFi metaverse is carried out using the token. Users also earn rewards in $PEARL when they participate in gaming adventures. 

The protocol has garnered interest among crypto enthusiasts after hitting an All-time High (ATH) of $0.21 on 11th September, according to CoinGecko data. However, It is currently priced at $0.07, facing a 6.8 percent dip in the last 24 hours. 

Still, the project remains among the top GameFi protocols on BSC by DappRadar’s stats as it has recorded over 45,000 wallet addresses already in September. 

Additionally, CryptoBay is ranked second on BSC, above top BSC-based GameFi projects like CryptoBlades, DeHero, My DeFi Pet, X World Games, etc. For a top game like this, the airdrop seems rather puny.

The protocol just recently unveiled its roadmap, featuring many exciting plans. We anticipate more interest as the team continues to build one of the best metaverse GameFi platforms on BSC. 

What is CryptoBay? 

CryptoBay is a Play-to-Earn metaverse game platform on BSC. The game allows users to build harbors and grow their ecosystem. Harbors can be developed to buy and develop ships. Users can then fight against pirates in adventure mode or against other players in the player v. player mode. The adventure mode also has boss battles and other intriguing daily missions to build their kingdoms. CryptoBay is currently the most popular game on BSC with over 18K users.

Where to find more about CryptoBay:

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