CryptoBay Teases Full Mobile Game for Android and iOS

The release of the mobile games will likely reinforce CryptoBay’s place in the competitive GameFi sector.

Mobile GameFi Is On The Way

Play-to-earn metaverseCryptoBay, has unveiled an exciting prospect for the platform. In a recent tweet, the GameFi protocol indicated that it will soon launch the mobile version of its game for both Android and iOS platforms.

“The best Play & Earn metaverse gamefi platform CryptoBay, will launch PC/Android/IOS version and brand new UI design! Within a month! Stay tuned!” the platform announced in a tweet on November 29.

CryptoBay believes that blockchain games will link up the virtual metaverse with the real world. Its vision is to be one of the building blocks that will bring about the union of the virtual and the real.

“Blockchain games will play a very important role in the metaverse. In blockchain games, play-to-earn will be the way many users work in real life. Cryptobay is honored to be able to pull a corner of the curtain in this great experiment of change”, the platform envisioned in its whitepaper.


Survival of the Fittest

In a growing metaverse niche where there is much competition, CryptoBay is expanding its utilities to stay relevant. The platform, which was once among the top 5 DeFi apps, has seen itself sliding down the ranks. According to data obtained from DappRadar, CryptoBay now occupies 11th place in the top BSC games rankings. The number of daily players has also gone down from a high of 18,000 to around 8,000, at the time of this report. 

CryptoBay’s move to develop games for PC and mobile platforms will expose the game to a broader playing community which could lead to a growth in the platform’s user statistics as more people interact with the platform.

Expectedly, the announcement has gotten some members of the CryptoBay community elated. The forthcoming new user-interface got a user well excited:

“Man, this looks awesome, good work guys, keep it up!!!!”, exclaimed the fan who couldn’t hide his pleasure. 

About CryptoBay

CryptoBay is a play-to-earn GameFi protocol on BSC. The platform’s metaverse is based on a very immersive pirates-adventure theme. Players can buy and build ships, build their own harbors, and raise pets etc. Game modes include player-vs-player, adventure, Treasure hunts, and tournaments.

CryptoBay metaverse has a dual-token structure. Play-to-earn activities building a ship, maintaining a harbour, quests, and missions etc expend the $PEARL token. The alternate ecosystem token, $BAY, is essentially a governance token. 

See here for information about CryptoBay:

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