CryptoBay Sails to BSC and Lands Amongst Top 5 DeFi Apps

New GameFi is set to launch new features after successful first few days.

Inaugural Voyage

The CryptoBay GameFi application launched last week, Thursday August 26th, and quickly shot up in the application rankings.

 It currently ranks number four on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and number six overall amongst all Decentralized Finance (DeFi) play-to-earn applications, according to DappRadar. In what seems like a beta launch the game has seen some hiccups as well. 

CryptoBay has brought in nearly 20,000 unique users in under four days. The game’s Twitter announced that once the application reaches 20,000 they will have a special giveaway for their players and fans––they already split 1 BNB between 10 prize winners upon launch. With new features primed and ready, the game looks ready to power through its projection.

“The new feature is now online, allowing multiple fights! Marketplace Buy & Sell feature will be online in 24 hours. Stay tuned,” read a Tweet from its official channel on August 30th. 

The CryptoBay game sailed out from beyond the horizon and surprised the charts this weekend. As GameFi continues to grow, the whole industry becomes harder to predict. CryptoBay, like many games has emerged with limited functionality so we’ll see if the next features roll out successfully.  


Only Way Is Up?

That’s right, the multi-fight feature is now live and the marketplace is on the way. This game is growing fast. With nearly all games in DeFi so far, the testament to strength has been scalability that keeps up with gas fees.  It seems Crypto Bay worked on the game release before anything else as there’s not too much info online prior to August 9 when the GitHub was created.

At this time, it’s difficult to track the data emerging from the game because of its limited data pool, and that CryptoBay’s native token, Pearl, does not seem to be listed on common exchanges like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and DexGuru, among others. In the CryptoBay Telegram, some users have reported that Pearl price to be around $0.15 and making around $1 per fight, even when losing. 

“Average battles/ day: 6 Worst case scenario: you lose all 6 battle (doing x1) = will cost you $.36 x 6 battles = $2.16 All lost battles will give you 4 pearls each = 4 x 6 battles = 24 *current price ($.1497) = $3.5928. $3.5928 – $2.16 = Hence you still $1.43 from all those lost battles each day,” Strygwyr wrote on the Telegram. Not so bad for playing game. “How much more if this token goes even higher?”

The problem is that right now it costs almost $100 (0.21 BNB) to buy a ship. So it is still too early to judge the future of this game. Users are reporting a number of shortfalls in the Telegram from speed discrepancies to not receiving tokens at the end of battles. Great to see the early game-loving guinea pigs fighting through the glitches. CryptoBay looks like it could be fun and rewarding if it works out the kinks. 


What is CryptoBay

CryptoBay is a new play-to-earn metaverse game for Binance Smart Chain. Users play buying and building ships to fight pirates on adventures and other against players in arena battles. Users can also join in boss battles too. Users can create a flourishing harbor system to build a kingdom and fight for cash! In the game, the PEARL token is the central currency within the metaverse. Everything from building and repairing ships to maintaining the harbor, going on treasure hunts and fishing missions, etc. all cost PEARL tokens. CryptoBay has a price oracle designed to balance to price of the token.

Where to find CryptoBay:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub |

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