CryptoBay P2P Arena Battles Are Now Live

Users can now battle against each other and earn daily rewards by completing daily tasks.

CryptoBay PVP Arena Goes Live! 

CryptoBay is now a household name in the GameFi ecosystem. The protocol words itself as the best play and earn GameFi platform on Binance Smart Chain and is making big moves towards expanding its ecosystem even more by adding new features to improve gaming. The latest addition is the CryptoBay player vs. player (PVP) Arena. 

The CryptoBay PVP Arena is a new integration by the GameFi platform, with daily quests to engage users. Each user will compete with other players/captains, finish their daily quests and obtain rewards daily. The top GameFi platform broke the news on 25th September through Twitter

“CryptoBay PVP Arena is alive! Daily quests is alive! Fight with captains, finish your daily quests and get your daily rewards!” CryptoBay announced. 


The protocol continues to grow in the GameFi industry. According to DappRadar, CryptoBay is the best GameFi protocol on BSC and is ranked number seven across all chains. 

With over 16K users in the last 24 hours, CryptoBay has already established itself as a top name in the industry. The latest feature will increase adoption and ensure that more users with GameFi interest earn daily rewards. 

Aside from the CryptoBay PVP Arena launch, the platform also announced the release of new music and sound effects to light up users’ gaming experience. 

Swap And Earn 

CryptoBay, in partnership with DappRadar,  hosted an airdrop worth $400. Both protocols combined reward a total of 100 users $4 worth of $PEARL tokens each. However, the protocol has launched another profit-making scheme for users who missed out on the event. 

DappRadar’s Tweet on 28th September disclosed that users could earn $PEARL by swapping tokens on its platform. 

“Missed out on our exclusive $PEARL airdrop? No sweat, you can grab some on our Token Swap,” the tweet read. 

Users can now swap cryptocurrencies on the DappRadar with ease and earn some $PEARL tokens. In addition, the data analytics protocol did not disclose the date at which the Swap-and-Earn feature will end. 

About CryptoBay

CryptoBay is a top Play-to-Earn metaverse game platform on BSC. The game allows users to build harbors and grow their ecosystem. Harbors can be developed to buy and establish ships. Users can then fight against pirates in adventure mode or against other players in the player v. player mode. The adventure mode also has boss battles and other intriguing daily missions to build their kingdoms.

Where to find more about CryptoBay:

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