CryptoBay Gives Sneak-Peek of Incoming 3v3 Arena

CryptoBay looks to instil new life with new game modes and mechanics.

CryptoBay Prepares 3v3 Battles

The CryptoBay Twitter account teased a short video of the 3v3 game mode in development. The once-popular PlayToEarn game is in need of new updates to help keep users attentive.

The teaser video of the 3v3 battle mode came on January 7, telling users that the release is on the way. Full details, including the battle rewards, have yet to be released, but users hope the new game mode helps tilt the game’s balance of power and provides more rewards. 

“Welcome to the New Year, Captains! 3V3 battle, hunter tournament, mission battle, IMBA battle mod, BAY launchpad coming! In the new year, we will bring you brand new gameplay and experience,” the CryptoBay Twitter announced on December 31.

CryptoBay has seen better days heading into 2022. Both native tokens, BAY and PEARL are falling faster than the overall market. The recent PEARL inflation has also caused many to rethink how rewards are given. Some users have found it difficult to turn a profit, barely making $1 a day.

The in-game mechanics, according to users in its Telegram, need help with anchor distribution and oracle rewards. The game parity suffers from the poor anchor distribution that is near impossible to overcome. CryptoBay wallet interactions are down nearly 70% in the last 30 days, according to DappRadar.

“Before, 1 ship would have $1 or above reward.  With PEARL inflatìon, now only have 0.5 reward. Reward will continue to go down if Oracle calculation does not work,” wrote a user in the Telegram on January 8. “From a gamer perspective and not a token investor, PEARL price does not really matter as long as the reward USD equivalent will be given.  It also applies to repairs and ship build, has to be in USD equivalent.”

CryptoBay faces a moment of truth with its users. With rewards and user base falling, the game needs a new lifeline to reinstill faith. The 3v3 Arena and adjustments to game mechanics appear to be a start. 

What is CryptoBay? 

CryptoBay is a Play-to-Earn metaverse game platform on BSC. The game allows users to build harbors and grow their ecosystem. Harbors can be developed to buy and develop ships. Users can then fight against pirates in adventure mode or against other players in the player v. player mode. The adventure mode also has boss battles and other intriguing daily missions to build their kingdoms. CryptoBay is currently the most popular game on BSC with over 18K users.

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