Crypto Snack Open up on Future Plans After Espanyol Partnership

We’ve seen formidable sporting partnerships with Web3 projects before, but there is something different in Crypto Snack’s ambitions that seek to go beyond traditional marketing in reaching out to their community. 

Crypto Snack Outlines Exciting Plans

BSC News caught up with Crypto Snack following their hugely exciting partnership with La Liga side RCD Espanyol. Stuart Morrison, the project’s CEO, opened up on different aspects of the project that have found a home in one of Europe’s burgeoning cities. 

Crypto Snack’s latest partnership is by no means their first milestone—their native token $SNACK has already been accepted by over eight hundred online businesses— but it is a significant checkpoint. We asked the project CEO what prompted the decision to partner with RCD Espanyol and what exciting developments await us in the aftermath of the exciting announcement. 

“The reason we want to focus on football is because digital currencies can be seen as anonymous, with online wallets and an element of privacy. We understood that if we partner with someone in the physical world it brings the project much closer to people,” Morrison explained. “We want to merge the physical and digital as much as possible. Case and point is next season Espanyol will be accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, highlighting the fact $SNACK has tangible utility.”

The partnership will of course herald mutual benefits as RCD Espanyol looks to explore the possibilities of Web3 and tap into untrodden revenue routes. The blockchain community, growing as it is, is also likely to shift its attention to the outfit in Barcelona, which hope to take advantage of the digital enthusiasm of the city. The partnership was a natural fit according to Morrison, who outlined that the ambitious vision of the club was in keeping with Crypto Snack’s aims.

“We like the setup of the club, the guys were friendly and professional. We didn’t just want to be another sponsor on the board, we wanted it to be someone we could work with long term. We have ideas with the club to do events and a crypto snack tournament where we can invite people and involve the community. We want to create tournaments, and in the deal, we’ve secured the stadium one day a year for an 11-a-side football game.”

Source: Community meetups have already become commonplace. 

How many projects do you know that are inviting their community to one of the premier sporting leagues in the world? No, we couldn’t think of many either. This is all part of what distinguishes Crypto Snack, who realize that there are other projects in the industry that have partnered with footballing sides, but what sets them apart is their focus and dedication to their community- both local and online.

What was apparent in BSC News’ conversation with the Crypto Snack chief was his hunger to educate those around him regarding the possibilities that Web3 opens up. 

“We have plans to fill the stadium. We want to pick a game whereby we offer a large allocation exclusively to our crypto holders, allowing them to spend their $SNACK in the club shop and highlight the clear utility,” Morrison continued.  

RCD Espanyol is a footballing side with an ability to capture the imagination of football fans across the world. Harboring European ambitions, the team is on its way to becoming a genuine force, and the partnership with Crypto Snack may well be another indication of their vision. Situated in beautiful Barcelona, where Crypto Snack is also based, several unique selling points may help propel both the football team and the Web3 offering. BSC News will be following the rise of the project closely.   

What is Crypto Snack:

Crypto Snack describes itself as the first DEX iGaming Token launched on the BNB Chain. The team claims that Snack Players enjoy the cheapest and fastest transactions in the Crypto Gaming network. SNACK is split into three unique brands – Snack Token, Green Snack, and Snack Gaming. 

The team aims to make Crypto Snack the number one cryptocurrency used worldwide in iGaming platforms. Crypto Snack is listed with Coinspaid payment solutions and is a currency accepted on more than 800 Online Business platforms. Snack prides itself on helping to build the crypto community, helping the environment, and being a leader in the Gaming industry.

Where to find Crypto Snack:

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