Crypto Snack Brings Web3 to the Field and Fans with RCD Espanyol

The Snack Experience benefits are impressive – don’t miss out on this innovative new experience.

The Snack Experience

Crypto Snack is bringing Web3 to football fans with the first partnership in the Snack Experience. For the first time ever, experience the benefits of Web3 in a real-life setting as a $SNACK holder. Earn benefits, rewards, gifts, discounts, and more with a variety of major business partners.

The RCD Espanyol partnership establishes a successful business model for the future of the Snack Experience.


Why Choose the Snack Experience

Are you a football aficionado? Do you believe in the power of Web3? If so, you’re a perfect fit for the Snack Experience and the Crypto Snack partnership with RCD Espanyol. Use your crypto to earn real-life rewards, including attending matches, exclusive pre-match events, and much more. Being a Snacker is more than being a token holder – it means having an opportunity to live exciting experiences and enrich your life.

There’s even more to come in the future, but you’ll have to wait and see what it could be – but think about how a football club can leverage a Web3 partnership!

What is Web3

Web3 is a digital movement that embraces the transformation of society resulting from the tech boom. People hold the power in Web3 thanks to decentralization, allowing for more freedom than ever before.

Crypto Snack is bringing this movement into the real world with the Snack Experience and RCD Espanyol. Enjoy the benefits of Web3 with Crypto Snack and be a part of an exciting new movement.

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