Crypto Raiders Unity Build Goes Live On Game’s First Anniversary

Features of the Unity release include seven dungeons and live PvP.

‘A wild year’ for Polygon RPG

Crypto Raiders shook up its user interface as the PlayAndEarn blockchain game’s new Unity build went live.

The team officially announced the milestone through a Tweet on July 2, the first anniversary of the game on the Polygon network ($MATIC). Seven new dungeons have been added to the game, along with a live PvP with a custom game, and casual matchmaking mode features.

 “It’s been a wild year for us here at Crypto Raiders,” Excalibur announced on their Discord channel.  “As you know, we’ve been tirelessly working on a Unity release for months now. What you may not know is that today is also the one-year anniversary of Crypto Raiders!” 

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The new Unity build of the game offers a better user experience to players compared to the original version of the game. There is a continuous flow to playing, as opposed to closing pop-up windows after every raid. Character and raid selection is also an easier process, with players now able to see their characters moving around prior to the raid. The battle interface has also been updated, but still kept its original design.

What Is Crypto Raiders:

Crypto Raiders is an idle RPG adventure game on the Polygon network. Players send pixel raiders to dungeons and defeat bosses to extract valuable loot. New raiders are minted through recruiting events set by the team.

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