Crypto Pirates Starts Simultaneous NFT Sale and Seed Round

Players need NFTs to gain early access to the game, with the NFTs serving as a ‘ticket’ the $PST seed round.

What is Crypto Pirates:

Crypto Pirates is an exclusive Zero-Player-Game (ZPG) idle PlayToEarn project about pirates. The development team has implemented PvP, PvE, different flight and combat modes, ports, and artifacts. Over 80 types of monsters live in the Crypto Pirates world, along with 4 ports, day and night cycles, meteor showers, and more exciting features still in the works

Features of Crypto Pirates

No investments and purchases are required to start playing; at the start, players immediately get their ships and can begin the game.

Players can withdraw any crypto earned in-game to their wallet or use it to develop their ship.

Players can gather in squadrons and fight for the top placements in the ratings

Piastr (PST) is the token of the Crypto Pirates world. Journeying through the world of Crypto Pirates, players will face monsters (PvE) and other players (PvP) along the way. By winning these battles, a pirate accumulates trophies.

Depending on where in the ranking of accumulated trophies the player is at the end of the game day (23:59 CET), the player receives a certain number of $PST.

NFT Bonuses

Crypto Pirates has also integrated Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) into its platform. The NFTs have a handful of utilities in the Crypto Pirates ecosystem:

They improve the characteristics of the ship, which helps to fight rivals more effectively

NFTs reduce the commission when withdrawing a token from an internal to an external wallet

They add additional slots to the inventory so that players can add more artifacts to their inventory

Crypto Pirates NFTs not only affect the stats of a ship but also help players save when withdrawing tokens from the in-game wallet. The game has a gradually decreasing fee for the withdrawal of tokens. Installing an NFT reduces the base fee.

When a player receives Piastrs on their in-game account, the basic fee for withdrawing these Piastrs will be 60%. Every day, the withdrawal commission is reduced by 5% of the initial amount of Piastrs. After 12 days from the moment the Piastrs are credited to the in-game account, players can withdraw the Piastrs without the fee.

On average, players with NFTs increase their income from 15% to 85%, depending on their grades. There are several generations of NFTs:

Gen 1 – Ship stats upgrades. Players can install up to 10 NFT upgrades. The increase in the ship’s power depends on the quality of the NFTs installed.

Gen 2 – Upgrading the existing captain. They allow the player to fight against more vigorous opponents and open up new opportunities for the player.

Gen 3 – They allow the player to hire a crew that enhances the ship and adds new features.

Crypto Pirates is conducting an NFT Sale and a seed round simultaneously. The NFT is the ticket to the seed round and an early game start. The Seed round is an opportunity to buy tokens for 0.008 BUSD before the cost of the token rises. This means that players will quickly recoup their investments and start making a profit if they buy in before the growth.

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