Crypto Pirates – Generating Profitability on Binance Smart Chain

The project seeks to offer ‘treasures’ in the form of proprietary token rewards.

What Are the Advantages of the Crypto Pirates Project?

Crypto Pirates is a special token which generates the profitability between holders and has a function of generating liquidity. The token offers both auto-generated yields from transactions as well as a daily raffle-style competition.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Crypto Pirates project:

Auto Yield Generation

5% of every $CPT transaction is re-distributed to holders

Auto Liquidity Generation

5% of every $CPT transaction is added to liquidity

Daily Treasure Raffle

Every day at a different time, we will send 20 private keys to our telegram group, where you can find hidden treasures as $CPT tokens. If you want to find the treasures, you must follow our group in the Telegram.
Some wallets could be empty, in some wallets there will be tokens with non-large sum, and only in one of the wallets will be a hidden treasure. Only fast-paced treasure hunters will be able to find the treasure wallet.

Minted by DxMint

The Crypto Pirates token is created with the DxMint platform, which guarantees the security of the smart contract code and does not require third-party audit.

CPT Tokenomics

Max Supply: 1,000,000 CPT

Tokens For Presale: 279,000 CPT (27.9%)

Tokens For Liquidity: 251,100 CPT (25.1%) (Liquidity locked)

Daily Treasure Rewards: 200,000 CPT (20%)  (Tokens are unlocked daily for 2 months)

Tokens for Marketing: 100,000 (10%) (Tokens are unlocked daily for 2 months)

Initial Market Cap: $ 125,000

Trading and Exchange Listing

We have plans to list $CPT on a few centralized exchanges by the end of 2021.Also, by the end of 2021, we have planned to update the ecosystem and launch new methods of drawings for earnings.

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