Crypto Metropolis Joins Forces with Wabi-Sabi Capital

The blockchain-based MMORPG hopes to expand the future of the GameFi project through the collaboration.

Introducing Crypto Metropolis

Crypto Metropolis, dubbing itself as the ‘Future Of GameFi’ or ‘GameFi 2.0 – Play and Earn’, claims to be a unique offering in the GameFi space.  Its attractive proposition of having a solid, fully immersive gaming experience on blockchain, while earning a sustainable income is something that investors and VCs find appealing. 

CTM is an extremely diverse game, with character and land Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) being a major part of the whole ecosystem.  The CTM team will be conducting IDOs for their token sale and an NFT launch for conducting their NFT sales.  The team also mentioned that schedules for these sales will be released closer to the dates of the sales. The team has been burning the candle at both ends to ensure that the project does its IDO close to or on its projected dates, which are falling currently towards the end of May 2022.

About the Game

Crypto Metropolis is a metaverse society that offers players a variety of features:

Missions, Quests, NFTs with Value

When a user owns a Character NFT, they are able to transform those NFTs into characters in the game, and each character is matched with certain elemental powers that give them their unique skills and capabilities. Players can immerse themselves in the virtual world, and earn real money through completing different missions.

State-of-the-Art Battle System

The battle system is based on leveling up characters, increasing their power and skill stats. Each character has unique features and possesses their own style of play. The strength and weakness of each hero depends on leveling them up, increasing and properly using skills associated with that hero. In addition, the most special feature is the actual control of the characters during battle, which makes the players with real gaming skills achieve a higher win rate.

Property Ownership and Exchange System

Crypto Metropolis will be a self-operated economy. This will be done in the game using an in-game chat and exchange system, which will allow users to interact with each other and trade/exchange items of value. Along with Character NFTs, users can also own NFT Land (real estate in the game), and other items of value (weapons, items, etc.). This creates an economy that runs on its own, not dealing with Non-Player Characters (NPCs) like in traditional games.

Guilds and Occupations

Players can combine their efforts and work withother players to go to battle to gain experience and loot together. Users will have to choose strong Guilds to join so they can increase their ability to fight and win against the Big Boss.

Users can choose the work they want each of their characters to perform for the various job tasks that have to be completed in the game.

PVP System, Create A Party

Users can fight with enemies who are NPCs and also participate in the Arena for PVP battles (1v1, 2v2, etc.). The main differentiator between Crypto Metropolis and current P2E games is in CTM, players will have to actually control their characters.

Players can immerse themselves in the virtual world and earn real money through completing their tasks well. Not only can players do tasks by themselves, they can also employ others to complete the tasks for them in exchange for digital assets (Currencies, NFT Land, NFT Characters, etc.), thereby creating an Employer / Employee ecosystem within the game. This allows for more earning opportunities for those who otherwise would be unable to buy their way into the game. 

Wabi-Sabi Capital’s Involvement

As of this moment, Crypto Metropolis has brought on board Wabi Sabi Capital, and are in talks with multiple Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and Centralized Exchanges (CEXes) for potential partnerships.   

Wabi-Sabi Capital is a technical consultancy and VC firm based out of Vietnam, and have initiated the funding arm of their business by participating in the strategic sale round for Crypto Metropolis as of the 25th of April, 2022.  The two co-founders, Mr. Billy Nguyen and Mr. Dinh Nguyen, both see great potential for GameFi 2.0 and Web3-based projects in the near future and wanted to work with local talent in Vietnam.

Once the sale was completed, Mr. Minh Nguyen, CEO of Crypto Metropolis, extended an invitation to the Wabi-Sabi co-founders to be a bigger part of the project and come on board as advisors.  Both Mr. Billy Nguyen and Mr. Dinh Nguyen agreed, and joined the advisory board at CTM.  Both gentlemen are currently working with the CTM team and guiding them where necessary.

At this moment, the Crypto Metropolis and Wabi-Sabi teams are looking  to connect with the right strategic partners to ensure the long term continuation of this project.  

For more information about Crypto Metropolis and Wabi-Sabi Capital, visit the following links:






Official Email: [email protected]

Person of Contact: Mr. Jimmy Nguyen, CEO; Mr. Mike Gusso, CMO

Wabi-Sabi Capital Official Links:



Email:  [email protected]

Person of Contact:  Mr. Billy Nguyen

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