Crypto For Humanity Trends with Support from Binance Charity

Binance Charity spearheads the support from Crypto communities towards distressed Ukrainian communities.

Binance Leads Crypto Support for Humanity 

Binance Charity remains dedicated to giving to distressed nations. Recently, the non-profit firm established for charitable giving is the front-runner of crypto donations. With the ongoing Russian invasion, Binance has pledged to assist families and children in Ukraine. 

The conflict has wreaked havoc amongst Ukrainian citizens, and Binance Charity has urged individuals to make donations to help. The organization launched a relief fund program to protect children, support refugees, and protect the internally displaced people in Ukraine. After announcing that it would donate $10 million to the ongoing Ukraine crisis via donation, Binance Charity partnered with Unicef

“At least $2.5M of our $10M donation is going to support @UNICEF – providing emergency relief to children and their families during this heartbreaking time,” Binance Charity tweeted its support for UNICEF on March 2. 


As the conflict escalates in Ukraine, UNICEF reaches out to children with water, educational services, and health. The support from Binance Charity would go a long way in facilitating UNICEF’s aid. Presently, the clash between both nations has not shown positive signs of ending soon, but Binance is doing its best to promote Crypto support for humanity.  

Binance Appreciates Crypto Community 

Binance Charity took to Twitter on March 1 to thank the crypto community for supporting victims of the ongoing war. Protocols like DeRace NFT, DEXTools, DAO Maker,, and more, joined forces to help Binance’s support for humanity. 


Since the war began, over 1 Million refugees have fled Ukraine, according to Aljazeera’s report on March 3. Donations from the crypto community will provide immediate relief to the remaining people in Ukraine. Thus, Binance urged the community to continue making donations to support Ukraine.

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