Crypto Fight Club Sells Out Gen1 NFTs

All 5000 first-generation fighter NFTs have been minted and 10,000,000 $FIGHT tokens have been burned during the initial NFT Sale.

GameFi NFT Collection Sold Out

Crypto Fight Club, a PlayandEarn blockchain game on the BNB Chain, reached its goal of selling out all its first generation fighter NFTs.

The CFC team announced the milestone through a Tweet on May 4. 5000 3D box art NFTs were minted during the sale and about 10,000,000 $FIGHT tokens have been burned in the process. In an Ask Me Anything session hosted by BSCNews, Ashton Woolfe, Crypto Fight Club Founder and Project Lead, talked about the utility that these first gen holders now gain from minting their fighters.

“Each generation will have exclusive drops towards different wearables, whitelisted towards land plots later on in the future, towards the metaverse drops. Everyone will be entitled to different exclusive benefits,” Ashton shared with BSC News. “People who are currently holding an NFT will be entitled to different airdrops [and] being able to play the game for an up and coming token called $JUICE.”


Currently, the fighter NFTs can be used to play Crypto Fight Club’s first mini-game called Chicken Run. The game is relatively simple in terms of its mechanics but requires a lot of skill in execution. Here, fighters run around different maps to try and catch as much chickens as they can before the time runs out. Players can play the mini-game up to ten times a day per NFT they have and token rewards are given to the top ten users on the leaderboards. A second mini game is also in the works called Fight The Bear, perfect timing for the current bear market the entire crypto community is facing at the moment.

Ashton also made it clear that a next generation of Crypto Fight Club fighters will be available in the future. The difference will be in the fighting styles that the fighter NFTs will specialize in. 

“We want to enforce different sports with different skills [and] different attack and defense technique attributes,” Ashton added. “Right now we only have MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing. We want to introduce multiple different fighting styles, like Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate.”

With an additional generation of NFTs planned in the pipeline, the team plans to reward those who initially supported the project with exclusive wearables that only first generation fighters will get.

Check out BSC News’ AMA session with Crypto Fight Club to know more about what Ashton Woolfe shared about the project.

What is Crypto Fight Club:

Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is a new and innovative NFT-enabled game focused on NFT fighters battling one another. It gives players an avenue to properly stake, battle opposing fighters, and even compete in championship events for real rewards. Players staking their NFT fighters for a longer period of time will get more bonuses in $FIGHT tokens and in the attributes given to their fighters. The first rule of Crypto Fight Club is to always talk about Crypto Fight Club. Visit their website to know more about the project.

Where to find Crypto Fight Club:

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