Crypto Fight Club Roadmaps Shows Room for Growth

The team checked off some milestones for May and released the fourth company update on the current progress of development.

Fighters Getting Ready

Crypto Fight Club, a PlayandEarn fighting simulation blockchain game built on BNB Chain, released the latest version of their development update.

Nine different milestones across four major categories were crossed out by the Crypto Fight Club team as of the month of May. The team released a Twitter thread on May 24 detailing the different developments they have been busy with. The four main milestone categories that the team is focusing on are Crypto, Gaming, Metaverse, and Fighting. BSC News reached out to Ashton Wolfe of Crypto Fight Club to get a better grasp at the state of the protocol.

“With the current market downturn, projects with unguided visions and unprepared teams are hitting ‘make it or break it’ points. Not us- this isn’t our first rodeo,” the blockchain game’s project lead shared. “Crypto Fight Club’s vision of developing a full-blown metaverse arcade platform is nearing fruition. With the launch of 4 fully modeled products in just 6 months, the roadmap for both product and business development are merging beautifully. Bullish or bearish, we remain standing up.”


There are four different features that are either already released or nearing the completion of their development that the team shed some light on. NFT wearables and the marketplace where you can trade them, and other fighters, for $FIGHT tokens will soon be launched. The CFC Legends Rewards Programs, a feature that recently went live, makes use of the ARCANE system on discord to incentivize engagement and participation within the ecosystem. Chicken Run and Fight The Bear mini games are also continuously being developed to give the best gaming experience to the user.

There is still a lot in the pipeline for the Crypto Fight Club team despite having all these features nearing completion. Among them is the flagship PvP game mode of the project, Fight Royale, which will take place in their metraverse. The team is also working on website improvements and designing a system around a secondary token called $JUICE. Partnering with gyms and fighting events are also part of the plans for the blockchain project.

“There is plenty to look forward to at Crypto Fight Club,” Ashton continued on saying. “You like fighting? Expect world class gym and fighter partnerships. You enjoy the metaverse? Expect to see our NFTs in more worlds than just ours. It’s time to collab and build, and most importantly, keep heads held high!”

Are you ready to rumble? Get to know more about Crypto Fight Club’s plans by checking out their company update and their blog post about the Legends rewards program.

What is Crypto Fight Club:

Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is a new and innovative NFT-enabled game focused on NFT fighters battling one another. It gives players an avenue to properly stake, battle opposing fighters, and even compete in championship events for real rewards. Players staking their NFT fighters for a longer period of time will get more bonuses in $FIGHT tokens and in the attributes given to their fighters. The first rule of Crypto Fight Club is to always talk about Crypto Fight Club. Visit their website to know more about the project.

Where to find Crypto Fight Club:

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