Crypto Doggies IDO on Bakery Swap

The Crypto Doggies IDO is set to launch with BakerySwap on BSC, combining dog memes, crypto punks, and NFT collectibility. In total, 5 billion $DOGGY will be minted and can be exchanged for 10,000 different types of dog NFTs.


Crypto Doggies, the NFT project with its supporting memecoin, $DOGGY, is set to launch its IDO on the Bakery Launchpad. The IDO will see 4 billion $DOGGY go on sale from a total of 5 billion tokens, where 1 million $DOGGY = 1BNB. The launch will occur on May 11th, around 7:00 AM UTC with the precise block height of the launch yet to be announced. According to the BakerySwap medium, the remaining 1 billion tokens will be used  “as initial liquidity, rewards to the Bakery community, Bakery promoters, and the Doggy developers & artists working on the Crypto Doggy project.

Crypto Doggies

Crypto Doggies has been designed to be the best of both worlds, combining memecoins, and procedurally designed NFTs. The $DOGGY token allows users to purchase one of 10,000 procedurally created doggy NFTS. All of the doggy NFTs are created in a gif format, which means that every single doggy is animated as well as adorably cute.

Each doggy is completely unique, with differing characteristics such as dog breed, colour scheme, eye blinks and tongue. The dogs are further customized with fashion items such as hats and sunglasses to give them a sartorial edge. Doggy NFTs will be available at BakerySwap’s ‘Doggy Shop’, with each NFT costing 500,000 $DOGGY. Purchases of doggies are random, meaning the exact configuration of each purchased doggy is unknown until receipt of ownership. For buyers who want to know exactly what they’re getting before purchase, doggy NFTs can be purchased on the secondary market at the Bakery Swap NFT marketplace.

One eye-catching part of the project is the token burning mechanism which diminishes the supply of $DOGGY tokens. Each purchase of doggy NFTs will result in burned $DOGGY tokens. Since 1 BNB token buys a million $DOGGY the cost of an NFT works out to 0.5 BNB. 

Dog Eat Dog

The launch of Crypto Doggies couldn’t come at a better time for BakerySwap as crypto dogs are enjoying a great deal of attention in the cryptosphere and beyond. Dogecoin’s incredible success in 2021 is another reason for users to FOMO in on Crypto Doggies. The original dog memecoin has not had it all its own way however, as Musk’s recent performance on SNL resulted in a 35% price collapse when he called the coin a “hustle”. The sudden drop in price came as a timely reminder that the world of crypto is dog eat dog.

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