Crypto Degen Transforms $1,800 Into $3.5 Million By Trading Only Dogcoins Since January

An ambitious trader has made a tremendous amount of capital just trading dogcoins. Here’s a look at how this trader has found success.


A mysterious crypto trader has gone viral after sharing a spreadsheet which details their dog-themed crypto purchases since January of this year. The trader, who goes by the Twitter name ‘The Kennel Master’, has traded almost 50 dog-themed coins since the start of the year including Shiba Inu and Akita Inu, transforming $1,800 of starting capital into a portfolio valuing around $3.5 million.

Even Doge can’t believe this guy

The Kennel Master

At this stage very little is known about ‘The Kennel Master’, the degenerate dogcoin trader who went viral after sharing their portfolio with crypto Twitter. The excitement began with a self-deprecating post from Kennel Master asking: ‘Do you want to see the lowest IQ portfolio you have ever seen?’

Kennel Master then shared a list of some 50 dog-related tokens they had acquired since January, arranged in a simple spreadsheet littered with colourful dog-themed language. In the spreadsheet, Kennel Master uses the term ‘adoption date’ in place of ‘purchased date’ and lists some unfortunate dog tokens as having sadly ‘ran away’.

Just a small selection of the many dog tokens ‘The Kennel Master’ has traded

The seemingly craziness of this financial strategy, combined with its undeniable success, immediately drew the admiration of crypto Twitter, earning around 600 retweets in the process. The questions soon began to mount as inquiring minds were desperate to find out how this so-called low IQ trader had made so much money.

Crypto Twitter: What’s the average dollar amount on these buys?

Kennel Master: Somewhere between $600 and 9k.

Crypto Twitter: Do these coins really exist?

Kennel Master: I know right? I can’t believe it either.

Crypto Twitter: Are you sure? some of them do not appear on coinmarketcap

Kennel Master: The trick is to find them before CMC. Also Coingecko > CMC

Crypto Twitter: Would love to learn about your backend data pulling system

Kennel Master: I’d love to learn one too.

Artist impression of Kennel Master

Although much about Kennel Master remains a mystery it’s clear that the eccentric trader isn’t taking their portfolio or their incredible success too seriously. As for anyone thinking of following Kennel Master’s footsteps into the world of dogcoin collecting there was a simple message of advice: ‘adopt responsibly’.

Dog Season

Everywhere you look there is evidence that crypto is going to the dogs. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has recently enjoyed major runaway success recording 30-day gains of 26978.9%, while Elon Musk recently announced his intention to literally put a SpaceX Dogecoin satellite to the Moon. Traders like Kennel Master have benefited tremendously off of these coins, and it seems to be a good thing for the market to have these dogcoins see increased speculation.

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