Slashes Trading Fees By Roughly 80% announced the reduction of trading fees, additional incentives for staking CRO, adjustments to staking CRO rates, and more

More Incentives for Users

To promote the greater adoption of the cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Aug. 18 the reduction of trade fees by nearly 80%.

It added that it had implemented several upgrades to the exchange to enhance the trading experience for users. As per the blog post, here is a look at some of the upgrades:

Spot and Derivatives markets: Trading fees for transactions facilitated on will now start from 0.075%. As for Spot and Derivatives markets, the minimum trading fee will be 0.034%. Also, all the traders on the exchange can now attain 0% maker fees.

New incentives for staking CRO: According to the blog post, users who stake CRO tokens on are guaranteed an immediate fee reduction. Also, users who stake a minimum of 50,000 CRO on are entitled to 0% maker fees. In addition, when a trader stakes at least 100,000 CRO, such a trader will benefit from negative maker fees.

Adjustments to CRO staking rate: According to the blog post, announced the immediate cancellation of its flat staking rate of 10% per annum, instead adopting a tiered system of up to 8% per annum.

What Is is a cryptocurrency exchange that started operating in 2016. It has extended its reach to over 10 million users within 5 years. The platform was founded by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. In addition to the cryptocurrency application, the platform also runs the Visa card, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency card programs, the exchange, and a DeFi wallet. The exchange operates across 3 continents, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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