Crudeoil Finance, the Next Generation Decentralized Deflationary Farming Platform & Yield Optimizer

Crudeoil Finance is a decentralized deflationary farming platform/yield optimizer and NFT marketplace created on the Binance Smart Chain for the DEFI economy. 

Introducing Crudeoil Finance

Crudeoil Finance is a next-generation decentralized yield aggregator/optimizer for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Crudeoil Finance automatically maximizes user benefits from different liquidity pools (LPs), Automated Market Making (AMM) initiatives, and other yield farming concepts using a variety of staking techniques backed by the ecosystem’s unbreakable smart contracts. Stake your cryptocurrency in their smart vaults to automatically grow your deposited token and receive extra CRUDE token payouts.

What make Crudeoil outstanding?

The following is a summary of Crudeoil Finance’s major features, as well as the improvements they have introduced to yield optimization.

Competitive APYs with High-Frequency Compounding: Crude oil APYs outperform all competitors in the area. They get the greatest APYs possible by using high-frequency compounding.

Intuitive and Responsive UI: The next-generation User Interface (UI) will make it easier for people to use the platform. The platform is completely responsive, and new users may become acquainted with it in a short period of time.

Additional CRUDE Rewards to Boost the Overall APY: Additional CRUDE incentives per smart vault will increase the total APYs. As a result, every staking user will receive an extra CRUDE token payout.

Negligible Platform Fees: When compared to rivals in the industry, platform costs are exceptionally inexpensive.

Buyback and Burn: A part of the platform charge will be automatically allocated to market buyback and burn of CRUDE.

Audited by the Top Blockchain Security Firms in the Space: Certik, Techrate, and RD auditors are among the top blockchain security organizations that have been tasked with auditing the Crudeoil financial backend smart contract scripts.

CRUDE Tokenomics

The CRUDE token will power their massive yield optimization engine. The token will be the driving power behind the functionalities of the platform. On BSC, CRUDE is a native BEP20 token.

CRUDE Tokenomics Detail:

CRUDE Max Supply: 100,000 CRUDE

Compensation for the OIL and DIESEL holders: 10,000 CRUDE

Marketing and Exchange Listing: 15,000 CRUDE (15%)(This is heavily vested over 2 years unless required for an immediate CEX listing)

PancakeSwap Liquidity: 5,000 CRUDE (5%) (Liquidity locked)

Staking Rewards: 70,000 CRUDE (70%) (Not minted at the beginning. Once the platform is live, rewards will get minted and locked in the smart contract). This will be added to the circulating supply gradually over the many years

Initial Circulating Supply: 10,000 CRUDE

Next-gen CRUDE Token Features

Crudeoil Yield Optimizer is a next-generation solution that provides additional CRUDE token incentives for each smart vault. As a result, in order to gain a competitive edge over competitors in the area, a greater cumulative APY is realized.

Platform Fee Dividends: As an extra benefit, a percentage of the platform charge will be given among CRUDE stakeholders on their platform.

Buyback and Burn Deflationary Measures: A part of the platform charge is used to purchase CRUDE from the market. These bought-back tokens are burnt forever, reducing the total quantity over time and making it a rare asset. This operation will be repeated till the total supply reaches 5000 CRUDE.

Trading and Exchange Listing: They want to list CRUDE on a few centralized exchanges in the future.

Driving Fuel For Other Products: CRUDE token will power the Crudeoil Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) marketplace, playground, and other ecosystem goods.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Because the CRUDE token serves as its governance token, all decisions and proposals must be approved by a majority of holders. Purchasing and owning CRUDE provides users voting rights. The more CRUDE tokens a user has, the more voting power they have on proposals.

Crudeoil Roadmap

Q2 2021:

UI/UX Design 

Web3 wallet integration

LP Smart Vault Architecture

Single Asset Vaults Architecture

Smart Vault Backend Smart Contracts development (LP)

Smart Vault Backend Smart Contracts development (Single assets)

Front end and backend sync and API integration

Certik Audi

Testing and bug bounty competition

Optimizer launch with 11 initial parts:












Q3 2021:

More vault additions

Special dual yield vaults

Business development

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