Crudeoil Finance AMA Recap hosts Crudeoil Finance: a next generation decentralized deflationary farming platform and yield aggregator/optimizer.

BSCdaily – Admin: How are you @crudeoileng?

Petro Engineer: Its great to be here…. Such and warm and amazing community taking the BSC forward

BSCdaily – Admin: Thanks for coming today, appreciate you putting some time aside!

BSCdaily – Admin: Let’s start off with knowing more about the team behind Crudeoil Finance

Petro Engineer: Awesome! raring to go

Q1: Tell us more about the team members and their past experience?

Petro Engineer: My name is Petro and I am one of the founding members of Crudeoil Finance. We have a team of like minded individuals who thought of introducing a unique crypto philosophy to the community and started working on Crudeoil.

Most of us have a long history in Crypto and I myself have been in the crypto field since 2013 and others also have many years of combined experience in the crypto industry.

Q2: How did the project come about?

Petro Engineer: So, while we were discussing novel crypto concepts, we were disgusted with how “inflationary staking” was causing a massive sell pressure causing tokens values to drop. Therefore, we wanted to implement a deflationary token where the holders would have to think twice before selling. This would encourage holders and the token value as a result.

So we wanted to implement this in the real world. Initially, we wanted to try our concept on ETH network first but due to the heavy fees in gas we decided to move to Binance Smart Chain. So, we have started our development later Q4 2020/ Early Q1 2021 and here we are today.

BSCdaily – Admin: What a journey!

Q3: Tell us more about $OIL and $DIESEL, what are their use cases and what are their differences?

Petro Engineer: $OIL was our first token and it has a deflationary architecture. Since its launch we have been receiving a tremendous amount of support and positive feedback from our community. Both the private sale and the public sale was massively oversubscribed, done ~X20 since the public sale and now performing well since the launch.

We are actually building an ecosystem around $OIL as per our project roadmap and $DIESEL is the next token. $DIESEL on the other hand is a fixed supply token and will be the medium for buying and selling NFTs on our upcoming NFT marketplace. As you know NFT is going to be huge in the future.

Q4: From your medium articles, we can see that you take care of public safety when purchasing the tokens. How are you protecting the community that has invested in the project? Any audits?

Petro Engineer: Security is very important isn’t it? Especially with all the security breaches and rug pulls happening all over the place.

BSCdaily – Admin: Definitely!

Petro Engineer: That is why we have decided to partner with Certik which is probably the best smart contract audit company out there in the market right now.

The report can be found

BSCdaily – Admin: Certik!? That‘s a big name you have there!

Petro Engineer: We understand that security is a continuous improvement but not just a one-time task. So, we are committed towards continuous improvement and regularly keep on reviewing our development with the liaison of industry experts.

Q5: What are the strategies in place to assure the value of the token to be maintained, if not go higher?

Petro Engineer: Yes. a very good question indeed

$OIL is our first token and it has a deflationary architecture. every transaction is associated with a burn. Therefore the total supply goes down even as we speak. So the supply is going down which will force the demand to go up and the price.

Holders will have a chance to Stake/Farm Binance smart chain assets (BEP20) and get staking/farming rewards from OIL tokens. So, the farming will also limit the circulation supply. This is relevant for both OIL and DIESEL

We are actually building an ecosystem around $OIL which was our first token. $DIESEL on the other hand is a fixed supply token. This will be the medium for buying and selling NFTs on our upcoming NFT marketplace.

In addition, we are working on the Yield Optimizer which will be released very soon. If you compare the current Yield Optimizers and their prices, you can see the potential of $OIL for yourself 

Q6: Are there any partnerships that you are allowed to let us know?

Petro Engineer: Of course! partnerships are two ways. We get exposure to our project across established communities. Similarly, these projects will also get exposure to our community. In addition, we will utilize the product features they are good at.

$OIL has several partnerships several new and relatively old projects on the BSC space. Some of them are Billion Happiness and several other IDOs that we hosted since our launch. $DIESEL’s first partnership is with Bakeryswap. 

We have also partnered with other industry veterans like Certik.

Of course, We have several partnerships still in the discussion phase. We will unveil them in due course.

Q7: What is the roadmap for Crudeoil Finance’s future development?

Petro Engineer: We are fast at development on multiple fronts. With respect to $Oil, we are adding more and more LP pools to our platform so that our loyal community can earn more $OIL by staking those tokens. On the other end, we are developing and improving our own Launchpad to host more token sales while cultivating multi-dimensional partnerships.

The key in these IDOs that we host is we have been burning both $OIL and $DIESEL from the entire IDO hosting fees we got.

We recently completed a mega burn event where tokens worth over $140K were burned forever

In terms of future development, we are working on our own yield optimizer platform.

With respect to $DIESEL, we are developing the NFT marketplace. And many other surprises which we will announce pretty soon.

Road Map: 

BSCdaily – Admin: $140,000 TOKENS !? Wow, that’s a huge number of tokens burned

Petro Engineer: Yeah, that was crazy

Q8: Where can we find out more about Crudeoil Finance?

Petro Engineer: All details could be found below.


 Email: [email protected]


 Telegram Chat:

 Telegram Channel:





BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you very much for your time today at BSC Daily @crudeoileng, hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as all of us did

I wish $OIL as well as $DIESEL all the best and look forward to its development in the near futurePetro Engineer: Thank you very much for inviting us here. It has been wonderful. I wish BSCdaily all the best too and love to collaborate with you in the days to come.

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