Crudeoil Finance: A Next-Generation Decentralized Platform for Deflationary Farming and Yield Aggregation/Optimization

Crudeoil Finance is relatively a new deflationary yield farming ecosystem and aims to become a single-stop solution with its upcoming features such as yield aggregator and AMM (Automated Market Maker).

Introduction Crudeoil Finance

Crudeoil Finance aims to emerge as a hybrid system (deflationary token and yield farming) that allows users to earn yield in the early stages of the platform. Crudeoil Finance serves users as a store of value by capturing the best of both of the worlds in De-Fi (Decentralized Finance). You can earn yield incentives in a significant amount as the platform is in its early stages. 

Crudeoil Finance offers 100,000 OIL of total supply out of which 6,527 OIL has already been burnt. Other than that, the total supply of DIESEL is 1,000,000 out of which 3,240 have already burnt. Moreover, the supplies of both tokens continue to burn dramatically because of the deflationary burn mechanism that the algorithm applies to every single transaction and also the fees received by hosting IDOs on its native launchpad is used to buyback and burn the tokens. The development team of Crudeoil Finance plans to stick to this deflationary yield farming ecosystem and the fixed supply mechanism as an innovative experiment. Not only will it bring new stats and findings to the De-Fi world but the system will also work as a store of value for the users due to its continuous supply reduction. In order to bring new users to the system and to stand out in the De-Fi landscape, Crudeoil Finance offers yield incentives.

Crudeoil Finance: Key Features

Next Generation decentralized ecosystem for deflationary farming

Fixed supply Tokenomics

Innovative technology 

Revolutionary future plans

Crudeoil Finance: Ecosystem

As mentioned, the future plans of Crudeoil Finance are revolutionary as it plans to bring a range of decentralized finance features to the system. The platform is developed to eliminate the traditional economic monopoly that has been built with time around fiat currency. Inflation is undoubtedly the biggest concern in the realm of fiat currency. That protocol of Crudeoil Finance directly goes against it with its deflationary mechanism that is built on top of BSC (Binance Smart Chain). According to the development team behind this protocol, the new development phases are actively responding to the needs and the suggestions of the community’s reaction. 

Unlike the traditional staking gigs where the new tokens require minting to keep the people farming or staking and the gigs require an infinite supply, Crudeoil Finance burns the supply on every transaction. Not only does it keep the token value intact but it also doesn’t build any selling pressure. This way the total supply will be constantly reducing and there will be no new tokens to mint again. 


The Tokenomics model of Crudeoil Finance is developed after comprehensive research work. Not only is it a scarce model but it also allows the users to earn liquidity rewards. However, it’s a little challenging as well because the other AMM (Automated Market maker) tokens such as SUSHI, BAKE, and CAKE come with an unlimited supply. It makes sure that all the liquidity providers will earn the incentive. But this is not the case with the Crudeoil Finance OIL token as it is hard-capped with the supply of 100,000 OIL with the deflationary mechanism. Once all the tokens will be successfully emitted the users will be able to trade OIL on the system just like a commodity. 

Crudeoil Finance charges only a 2% transaction fee where 50% of the tax is burnt permanently and 50% to OIL holders. Until 90% of the total supply of OIL has been completely removed from circulation the burn will be kept applying to each transaction. Currently, there is only 26,000 supply of OIL is in circulation but the company plans to begin the token emission. A significant amount of OIL will be divided to incentivize users. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that the Crudeoil Finance will also be in its inflationary stage once it starts to incentivize the liquidity providers and stakeholders. 


The most significant thing about Crudeoil Finance is its future plans as they can change the whole landscape BSC if executed properly. Here are some of the most important development plans on Crudeoil Finance’s roadmap. 

Current Development

Staking platform and contract development

Staking dashboard

Liquidity incentives

Time-lock implementation

AMM (Automated Market Maker) Swap Development

CEX listing

Multiple yield farming options


Future Plans

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Marketplaces

Governance protocol development

Mobile application development

There are many more development plans that the company has in its pipeline but these are the most important ones. You can keep in touch with the Crudeoil Finance community to learn about current developments and new plans. The easiest way to achieve it is to join their Telegram and Twitter networks where the community of the platform is most active. 

Concluding Thoughts

By bringing a unique solution to the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Crudeoil Financing aims to solve the common problems of inflationary AMM tokens. The company’s OIL Tokenomics structure aims to fight against the current inflation macroeconomics backdrop. The team behind the company has the plan to make Crudeoil Finance a single-stop platform that contains yield optimizer or aggregator and AMM and also serves users as an NFT marketplace. 

Overall Crudeoil Finance is an excellent ecosystem that offers a deflationary yield farming opportunity. If it continues to serve the community successfully with its OIL token, not only will it help the holders to extract a significant value but it will also attract more people to build one of the strongest communities.

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