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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? 

RGbus: Greetings ALL. happy to be here.

CCF_Shunsui: Hey Daley! we’re good thanks! How are you? Hello to the BSC Daily community as well!

BSC_Daily Admin: We’re all good! Ready to start our AMA? 

CCF_Shunsui: Sure, let’s go!

RGbus: Yeah, we’re ready. LFG…

Q1: Ok now to start the AMA, please tell the community what CCF DAO/what is a decentralized hedge fund?

CCF_Shunsui: Cross Chain Farming (CCF) was the first fully audited, deflationary DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform on any chain to offer multi-chain yield farming, a spot investment portfolio, and secure launchpad accelerator.

For those who are not aware of how a hedge fund operates; a hedge fund is a pooled investment fund. The pool of funds is from a select group of people – usually high net worth individuals, who are seeking the expertise of the fund managers in order to generate a return on their capital.

The difference between CCF and traditional hedge funds is that anyone can participate in this capital pool due to the decentralised nature of the protocol. By holding the CCF token, you essentially hold a share of the protocol and benefit from reflections, CCF buybacks and airdrops from the activities carried out by the protocol.

The way it works is quite straightforward:

•  You buy and hold $CCF tokens and receive reflections

•  The team farm on multiple chains, including FTM, AVAX & BSC

•  Compounded profits are used for $CCF buy-backs and token liquidity

•  The more volume, and the longer the project runs, the bigger the fund

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

CCF_Shunsui: Sure – at present, there are 3 core team members: Rago, Shunui and Alex.

Rago is a mobile and blockchain developer, part-time YouTuber specialising in exploiting potential scam/rug projects in crypto and on-chain analysis.

Shunsui comes from a traditional finance background. He has worked in a big4 audit firm and currently works for a very well-known bulge bracket bank. He has experience in audit, investments, operations and reward. He moved into crypto after seeing all the problems with traditional finance and how DeFi was helping to solve all those issues.

Alex is a serial media and tech entrepreneur with multiple exits. He is a scale-up and marketing pro and handles a lot of our Marketing relationships. Like with most tech entrepreneurs, he saw the potential crypto and the DeFi space offered to everyday people and joined CCF.

We also have Deno and Moo.

Deno helps with the spot portfolio by way of fundamental analysis on new projects we want to potentially allocate funds to and helping to create baskets of products we feel will offer the best risk-adjusted returns.

Moo is our graphic designer – all the awesome graphics you see associated with CCF comes from him!

RGbus: The team did not just wake up one morning and decided to start a crypto project. We have been here, victims of rugs, etc. We know the culture. Last two months, I was the first person to alert the crypto community about the popular Squid game token rugs, and a lot more. We want to build an ecosystem that will be a home for all.

Q3: What does CCF DAO invest in? What are the amounts in these investments?

CCF_Shunsui: CCF invests primarily in projects that offer Farming services. Currently we have most of our allocations spread between some really good OHM forks across the Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. We are also big fans of Fantom and also have allocated funds to farming on

We also offer a spot portfolio which has funds allocated to promising up and coming projects which we think will offer great returns. Profits from this spot portfolio will be distributed to CCF holders by way of a stablecoin/BNB airdrop. Details of this are still being finalised but we hope to share more information about this with the community soon.

The biggest defining feature of CCF is our transparency; we believe people should be able to see where their money is being put to work to generate yield. As such, CCF holders can see where we have allocated funds here:

In addition to the Farming and Spot portfolio, we are currently working on rolling out a new protocol – D3.

We believe D3 will add another layer to the DeFi 3.0 suite and help expand on our product offerings whilst also ensuring that it will be of benefit to CCF holders. More information to come on that in the coming weeks 

Q4: Let’s dive into your token. Tokenomics & use cases? Where and how can the community buy your token?

CCF_Shunsui: The token can be bought on PancakeSwap or Poocoin.

The token contract is: 0x7f9528b913a99989b88104b633d531241591a358

Make sure you set slippage to 15%!

As for the tokenomics, the project was a fair launch – meaning there were no VCs etc.

There is a 12% tax on buys and sells of the CCF token with deflationary, sustainable tokenomics to benefit holders long-term. This 12% tax is distributed as follows, which we have dubbed as our [] model:

•  3% deflationary burn + LP (2:1 ratio)

•  3% reflections for holders

•  3% for farming and investing

•  3% for marketing

As mentioned, by holding the CCF token you benefit from reflections, buybacks of the CCF token and also airdrops from the profits of our spot portfolio.

RGbus: Currently, Our community strongly believes that we are better off without CEX at the moment, but we have a CEX listing in our roadmap which will be a community vote as well but we won’t decline or stop any CEX listing us in their own free will.

Q5: Do larger amounts of CCF HOLDers affect profit distribution? When do the buybacks happen?

RGbus: Not at all, The larger the holder’s increases, the more the value of the token increases and incentives to current holders increases because every new holder help to reduce the token supply, give reflections and this is the dynamic nature of our tokenomics, We had a thorough check before going with the which we believe is a game-changer in the defi space. After our v2 contract migration, we started an automatic buyback which is of course the auto lP accumulation per every transaction that happens. Manual buyback is proportional to the volume and market status, For this Buybacks will be happening simultaneously proportional to our 24hrs volumes and farming profits.

Q6: When do CCF holders use voting or governance from their tokens?

RGbus: Live Voting will kick start soon once our Dashboard is in its stable form, but even without a voting UI/ user interface, we have maintained a high-level voting, voice and community decision from the beginning of the project, For example. We had to manually sort our v1 snapshot during our migration so as to give each holder a 1:1 airdrop. That was the voice of the community, not the team or any single person. We know that community is also the foundation of every successful project out there. We listen and make decisions together.

Q7: What are the project goals? Can you share with us your roadmap in the next 6 months?

RGbus: Yeah we have lots of stuff coming in. For those who don’t know, Our initial Liquidity was locked till 2025, Meaning, We are here for the long term.

One of the main goals is to build a safe haven defi ecosystem, where investors can come and feel safe. Every day 1- 10 rugs happen, some of the victims are newbies into crypto while some of them are not well educated. Defi is a broad ecosystem in the blockchain space and using our platform to build a rug-free profitable ecosystem is our main target.

 Here are some of our roadmap

● Marketing ● 10,000 holders Target● Dapp proposal ● Website rebrand ● Seed investing plans ● Partnerships ● Farming expansion ● CEX listing (community vote) ● Portfolio building strategy ● Whitepaper updates release ● Roadmap update

Q8: Where can we find out more about CCF DAO on social media?

CCF_Shunsui: You can find out more about us from the following sources:





TG Community Channel:


Most questions can be answered by going through the website and the lite paper but the admins in our TG community channel are always super helpful as well so anyone can ask questions there as well!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you for being here with us 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

CCF_Shunsui: Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the community for having us on today – it has been a pleasure and we hope to see you all on the CCF channel where you can ask questions and interact with us directly –

BSC_Daily Admin: Once again, thank you so much RGbus and CCF_Shunsui for a great AMA, have a nice day.





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