CronosID, New Cronos Domain Service, Launches

Cronos Chain Managing Director Ken Timsit said, “Cronos ID will address the most pressing social issues facing Web3 users.”

Web3’s Social Network Vision

Cronos ID, a project incubated by Cronos Chain ecosystem accelerator Cronos Labs, has launched its identity and communication protocol on Cronos with the mission of solving the most challenging social networking problems faced by Web3 users.

The product framework provided by Cronos ID will consist of three main protocols, developed through certain stages, including:

Cronos ID Domain Service: Users can associate .cro domains with EVM wallet addresses to send and receive crypto to and from their domain, creating subdomains for their community to use by directing other users to profiles and their information via their domain, including Twitter, email, etc., and to host their IPFS websites and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) galleries.

Cronos ID Notification Service: Allows users’ wallet addresses to automatically receive notifications of on-chain and off-chain events without checking the Decentralized Application (dApp) and holdings. Examples include warnings about the risk of liquidation events affecting user assets, new bids on an NFT, upcoming governance votes of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)/Protocols, and upcoming expiry of the registered domain.

Cronos ID Messaging Service: Users can contact other individuals through wallet addresses or domains, ensuring verified and authentic conversations between all users. This product is built based on verified chats on blockchain infrastructure; there is even more potential to develop a social component of communication services.

“A service like Cronos ID will be increasingly crucial as Web3 gains mass adoption and popularity, requiring solutions for less technical users that harmonize their experience around identity, communication and security,” Cronos Chain and Cronos Lab Accelerator Managing Director Ken Timsit said in the Medium blog.

Finally, Cronos ID has established partnerships with several key players in the Cronos ecosystem, such as, Tectonic, and Minted. In particular, plans to work closely with Cronos ID to prioritize synergies and product integration that will simplify the Web3 experience for the exchange’s users.

What Is Cronos ID:

Cronos ID is an identity and communications layer built atop of the Cronos blockchain. The core vision behind Cronos ID is to enable a deeper and more interconnected Web3 community to share and receive communication, information and cryptocurrency in a safe and verifiable manner. Cronos ID is a project incubated by Cronos Labs, the ecosystem accelerator of Cronos chain.

Where to find Cronos ID:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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