Cronos Increases Block Size to Improve Scalability

Cronos Chain is making the changes in response to increases in traffic and to enable future scalability.

Bigger Blocks, Better Performance

Cronos Chain increased the network’s block size from 20 million to 40 million gas to increase the throughput and performance of dApps built across the entire ecosystem while creating a solid launchpad in case of transaction congestion.

A larger block size means being able to fit more transactions into a single block, which in turn means processing more transactions per second. Cronos’ block size increase is beneficial in the case of increased traffic due to newly launched dApps.

“We do not expect the increase of block size to impact tx fees in a meaningful way for the time being, even with the fee market mechanism introduced during the last upgrade,” the Cronos development team said on Twitter.

Cronos previously doubled its block size on May 15.

As more projects and dApps are being built on Cronos ($CRO), increasing the block size is essential to accommodate smooth transactions and the scalability of the ecosystem.

Cronos has announced a  $100 million development fund to attract more protocols and, counter to industry trends where crypto companies are cutting staff to survive the bear market, CEO Kris Marszalek has asserted his company’s intention to continue to grow its user base and revenue.

The Cronos team is guided by the development direction of big players in the market. 

For context, Cardano ($ADA) increased its block size three times in November 2021February, and April 2022, during the Basho expansion period when the mainnet was activated to accommodate more projects. However, Cardano is still not truly optimized because it does not yet take full advantage of sidechains.

Further, with the advantage of its relationship with the exchange, Cronos can leverage resources to build additional sidechains in the ecosystem to increase further scalability, similar to the strategy of BNB Chain with BSC Application Sidechain (BAS)Polkadot’s parachain or Avalanche’s subnet.

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