CrogeCoin to Debute on Bitmart and L.Bank

CrogeCoin landing on two major exchanges is a significant coup for interoperability of the Cronos Chain. 

Two CEXes Add CrogeCoin

CrogeCoin confirmed it would be listed on the central exchange Bitmart, first with the BNB Chain token listing, followed by the Cronos equivalent. The first listing should happen in the last few days of April, and the next should arrive in early May.  CrogeCoin will also list on another major exchange–– L.Bank––beginning on April 24.

CrogeCoin will become the first Cronos token listed on Bitmart following the confirmation on April 21. The CrogeCoin team confirmed in the tweet announcement that Bitmart is configuring their platform specifically for them and will open the door for future Cronos projects to be listed in the future. The same interoperability is opening on L.Bank. 

“We created the first-ever BSC to CRO bridge, along with the industries first P2E game in the Cronos network,” CrogeCoin tweeted on April 21 about its latest integration with L.Bank. 


Centralized exchanges (CEX) are an excellent chance for any token or coin to bridge the gap between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and traditional finance. The latest integrations are a big move for the interoperability of the Cronos Chain on the back of its first memecoin.

“Our second CEX announcement today is now official. @BitMartExchange will be adding #Croge to their platform!” the protocol tweeted. “Our #BSC token will be added first next week. In early May, the #CRO side of #Croge will be added. They are configuring their platform to handle CRO. We are the first!”

With over nine million users across the globe, Bitmart is slowly opening up to the Cronos Chain, arguably the fastest growing blockchain in the industry. L.Bank also opens CrogeCoin to an additional 6.4 million users. The next few weeks are important for CrogeCoin and the growth of the memecoin.

What is CrogeCoin:

Croge is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital asset designed to bring the hype and fun of a meme coin to Cronos. Its vision is to replicate Dogecoin and the other early historical pump coins.

Where to find CrogeCoin:

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