Cristiano Ronaldo Considering $750K Settlement in Binance Lawsuit to Avoid High-Profile US Trial

Superstar Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo Faces Binance Lawsuit

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned soccer player, finds himself embroiled in a class-action lawsuit alleging investor damages resulting from his endorsement of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The lawsuit contends that Ronaldo’s collaboration with Binance to promote his non-fungible token (NFT) collections led unsuspecting investors to make unregistered securities investments. Reports suggest that Ronaldo may have to settle the case for $750,000 to avoid a public trial.

Legal Experts Weigh In on Potential $1 Billion Lawsuit Settlement

As reported by Bitcoinist, Ronaldo signed a multi-year deal with Binance to endorse his NFT collections, featuring unique digital artworks and experiences. Despite sparking significant interest among fans and collectors, the lawsuit, filed on November 27 in Florida District Court, accuses Ronaldo of actively participating in selling what regulators have deemed “unregistered securities” facilitated by Binance’s platform.

  • The complaint suggests that individuals who registered for Ronaldo’s NFTs were more likely to engage in other activities on Binance.
  • This includes investing in what they believed to be unregistered securities, such as the BNB coin and its cryptocurrency yield schemes.

Allegedly, Ronaldo’s influential status and broad reach enticed unsuspecting investors to the exchange, where they were deceived into making unlawful investments.

Recent reports indicate that Ronaldo might settle the $1 billion lawsuit for $750,000 to avoid a public trial in the United States. Legal experts, including digital asset specialist lawyer Jemma Fleetwood, draw parallels with similar cases involving public figures like Shaquille O’Neal, Floyd Mayweather, and DJ Khaled, who settled comparable claims for around $750,000. Fleetwood suggests that Ronaldo’s legal advisors may pursue a similar settlement to avoid a public trial’s potential reputational and financial impact.

Legal Risks in Sports Stars’ Ties to Binance

Ronaldo’s situation is not unique among soccer players navigating the world of cryptocurrency endorsements. Former Barcelona player Andres Iniesta also faced controversy for his endorsement of Binance in 2021.

The increasing involvement of soccer players in promoting NFTs and engaging in crypto exchange activities raised concerns among regulators about potential legal risks and compliance within the industry.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legal Challenge and Industry Implications

While Ronaldo continues to excel on the soccer field, he faces a significant legal challenge off the pitch. The $1 billion lawsuit against him regarding his endorsement of Binance underscores the potential risks associated with celebrity endorsements in cryptocurrency.

Overall, as Cristiano seeks to avoid a public trial, Ronaldo may settle the case for $750,000, following the lead of other prominent figures who have faced similar situations. The outcome of this case will have implications not only for Ronaldo but for the wider industry as it navigates the intersection of sports, celebrities, and the evolving world of digital assets.

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