Create a No-Code NFT Storefront With Refinable Creator Suite

Refinable Creator Suite allows you to create or import your NFTs or leverage existing collections to build your storefront and generate revenue.

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Refinable launched a  self-serve, no-code platform equipped with tools that streamline building and marketing your unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections.

“Creator Suite is an all-in-one business solution for NFT creators, whether you’re from the web2 or web3 space,” Kyle Chiu, Head of Marketing and Growth at Refinable told BSC News. “It is a self-serve, no-code, ready-made NFT product that aims to simplify the process of NFT collection creation and management.”

Here are a couple of features the Creator Suite brings to users: 

Create or Import Your Collection

The Creator suite allows you to create your collection from scratch or import an existing collection. How?

You will see a number of options when you connect your wallet to the Creator Suite


When you click “Add Collection,” you can choose between “Import Collection” and “Create Collection.” Choose any option based on your preference, and then provide the necessary details to proceed with listing it on the Refinable marketplace.

Custom ‘Branded’ Storefronts

The Refinable allows you to create your own NFT storefront. When you head to the Storefront option by clicking on “Create Storefront,” you will see some collections as shown below.


Select one or more collections to create a storefront by providing the necessary information as below.


The goal is to blend a group of collections with a clear definition. As the owner and operator of your store, you can decide how you want your store to extract the value and structure it how you see fit.

“Through Creator Suite, you have the option to customize how you structure transactions and fees that take place in your store, enabling you to clip value from all trading activity happening within your storefront,” Refinable said in an article. “Unlike other platforms, Refinable doesn’t take any fees from your store’s trade transactions.”

With Refinable, you have two options for your collections: ERC 721 (one contract for each new token) or ERC 1155 (one token for many token types).

Learn more about the new Refinable Creator Suite here.

What Is Refinable: 

Refinable is an NFT marketplace on BNB Chain which enables creators and collectors to create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs in an easily navigable environment. The ecosystem is supported by $FINE, a multi-purpose token for settling transactions and community voting, which also confers unique benefits such as discounted platform commissions and increased distribution and royalty limits.

Where to find Refinable:

Website | Discord | Twitter

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