Could Never Ending Ripple and SEC Lawsuit Get Critical Deadlines in January?

Several recent milestones in the trial have made the end look near. Wil we have an answer by January?

Ripple and SEC Ask for Court Key Dates

The famed lawsuit between Ripple (XRP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission could be entering a final stage. Both sides appear to want a quick finish to the two-year episode.

Both parties have requested the presiding judge to set a deadline of January 4, 2023 for non-parties to submit sealing arguments and January 18, 2023 for any parties or non-parties to file oppositions to non-party sealing motions.

The SEC and Ripple have until December 22nd to each file their own sealing motions.

The lawsuit, which began in 2020 when the SEC sued Ripple, recently when through a final round of briefs that brought the case closer to the ever-elusive summary judgment.

Ripple CEO Stuart Alderoty also expressed how this looks to be the beginning of the end to the whole process.

Many say that the fate of this case will set a domino effect on the crypto industry regarding how cryptos are viewed in regard to securities laws. The SEC sued Ripple for its failure to register its offers and sales of XRP as securities.

The whole crypto industry waits in anticipation.

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