Cortex – The Simply Web3 Building With Crypto At The Core

Cortex allows users to build crypto-core websites with complete data control and digital asset management. Each user will be able to build their entire digital kingdom in a decentralized manner, with control over data, location (URLs), relationships (links, social and messages) and their crypto in one flexible, integrated and expandable architecture. Cortex is building on Polygon for low costs such that new use cases will open up for digital assets and content creation.ADVERTISEMENT


Cortex is a note-taking and collaboration program that gives your notes, ideas, and decentralized sharing a whole new level of power. Cortex offers a variety of unique features that set them different from others, with the big idea of making it simple to build on a crypto-core web and smoothing the transition from web2 to web3.

What makes Cortex unique?

Cortex is a crypto wallet that doubles as a digital notebook, wiki and a web3 browser. Each note or page contains a globally unique and provable identity derived from a URL and keypair, with links that are also crypto addresses. As a result, notes have a place on the existing web and can interact with Web3 in new ways via the keys. Essentially, the wallet’s key derivation adds new information to the addresses, allowing a message to be published privately, publicly, or secretly inside a group. In addition, each page can hold coins related to the content of the page. Pages can hold NFTs, and pages can even become NFTs. The goal is to turn just about anything on the web into a potential crypto asset.

Cortex can bridge the gap between being a private tool and having each note have a structure in a global social network. Security is built-in at the root level while the data has significant flexibility as to where the data is stored because each note has a flexible backend behind the keys. Each note’s information is encrypted and kept in one of several locations: locally, in the cloud, on IPFS, or elsewhere. The key structure also enables the Cortex app to only show client-side notes. 

Each note is versioned and will eventually be forkable like git, allowing for new ways to interact, generate value, and curate the best information. Notes can also be used to store NFTs or to create NFTs and other tokens. Cortex opens up unlimited new use cases for a web with crypto at its core because crypto is built-in at the root level.

Key Features

Blinks, or blockchain links: Each note in Cortex is given a human-readable name that also serves as a public/private keypair.

Each connection has a channel with different levels of access to your notes: public, private, shared, and group. To share that group of notes, share the channel.

End-to-end encryption of private workspaces. Nobody but you owns your belongings.

The data in a note can “exist” everywhere, including IPFS, AWS, Cloud, locally, and so on, thanks to a content-addressing mechanism. The human-readable address is only used to access the data.

Collaboration with versions, timestamps, and forking will be possible thanks to Git-like capabilities. Because each note can be specified in time as what should be the current rendition, each note has a verified past and, theoretically, a defined future.

Anyone can make a comment on a note because blinks can connect notes. The advantage is that each user can choose to see only the notes they want, and only from people in their network.

Domains/NFTs are only available on Ethereum and Polygon, but keys are cross-chain compatible. Data structures (beyond Ethereum’s NFT domains) are chain-agnostic, and we intend them to become chain-independent in the future. Potential to incorporate other chains as needed.


Cortex, with its unique features, offers a multitude of advantages to its users:

Channels for private communication and collaboration: Channels let you pick how and with whom you connect, but in a way that you own and control. Consider direct messages (DMs) and group chats on most social media networks.

Publish websites quickly: It is possible to publish both within the cortical environment and on the internet at large.

Only share what you want to share, in the appropriate setting.

Earn coins for content: Each piece of content will have its own crypto address, which will be used to receive payouts in the future.

Web3 time travel: View the growth of ideas, code, and site updates in the past, present, and future.

Search by social networks and the distance between you and the person you’re looking for.

More useful identity: With Cortex, your domain becomes your identity, complete with a wallet that organizes proof. In the Cortex app, you’ll be able to share and prove what’s yours straight away, including NFTs.

Addresses, contexts, and tokens are all infinite.



Decentralized notebook and publishing on decentralized DNS, IPFS by default. 

Desktop version.

Community Hub

Hub for sharing in community channels, social search.

Content curation.

Expand Wallet and Hub

New ways to organize and interact with assets, build identities. 

Brand partnerships.


Organize and interact with a wide variety of assets cross-platform. 

Tokenomics and uses

The.crtx domain is a fully-owned top-level domain (TLD), which means YouBase controls the NFT for the TLD and can issue subTokens for subdomain ownership inside that TLD. 100K BFLY tokens were burnt towards the development of the.crtx TLD as part of the Bproto Innovation Program. 

Tokenomics Allocation

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Team: 21%, 6-month cliff and 24-month vesting

Liquidity: 10%, Sufficient for AMM listing, rest non circulating

Dev: 12.5%, 1-month cliff and 24-month vesting

Operations: 12.5%, 1-month cliff and 24-month vesting

Marketing: 12.5%, 1-month cliff and 24-month vesting

Reserve: 21%, 12-month cliff and 36-month vesting

Advisor Sale: 1%, 20% TGE, Rest vested over 9 months

Seed Sale: 4%, 20% TGE, Rest vested over 6 months

Private Sale: 5%, 20% TGE, Rest vested over 4 months

Public Sale: 0.5%, Batch sale possible where price determined by purchase volume

Token Uses

CRTX tokens are utility tokens that can be used to transact within the Cortex ecosystem. Users with a subdomain under the.crtx TLD will be able to create, share, and communicate around their content using a globally unique set of limitless addresses. It functions as a browser, content creator, social media platform, and messaging app all in one.

On IPFS, token holders will be able to pin data. The ability to work across chains will be enabled.

Each domain is contained within. The crtx TLD is a non-fungible token (NFT), an ERC-721 token that serves as an identity and location for those who own, communicate, store, and use the Cortex program. This NFT can be sold just like any other, but your digital creations and assets can be moved around as needed.

Each key can hold NFTs and display content and pictures around it, but your identity is an NFT. Beyond NFTs, there is no limit to the number of digital assets that can be created. Because everything has an unchangeable identity, owner, and chronology, virtually anything you create can become a public or private asset. 

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