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111: Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily! I hope everybody is doing fantastic! I’m Daley and I will be your host for the day. Today’s AMA is about Coow NFT – a perfect combination of NFT and Gamefi!

As you all know, Mr. 222 is going to be the guest speaker for this AMA. He is the creative director of the project. How are you doing 222 ?

222: Great,I’m glad to be here at BSC Daily

111: Nice! We sure are glad to have such an enthusiastic guest coming over, so do you want to start the AMA right away?

222: It seems everyone is looking forward to our project,now let’s get started

111: That’s what I’m talking about  Let’s begin with an overall assessment of the NFT Market with Mr. Reese!

Q1. The NFT market is now a hotspot of encryption ecology, can you briefly talk about the current NFT market?

222: I believe everyone knows how hot the NFT market is now. Besides the Well-known market hot spots such as Looks and Opensea, we have also studied many NFT ecologies on the public chain.

However, most NFTs in the market are not applied to economic models and without a relatively stable economic system, which led to the vast majority of NFT quickly disappearing from people’s sight. The hot NFT market has also been questioned about its sustainability. At the same time, we also found some interesting products such as Chikns on AVAX (Avalanche). It has brought a lot of inspiration to the improvement of CoowNFT.

Our CoowNFT draws on some ecological ideas of Chikns, Thus, NFT can be more closely combined with economic model, achieve a closed-loop development of NFT-Platform-Game, and make NFT really more valuable. We appreciate that the chicks on AVAX have created great wealth for early holders.

111: It’s time for some cattle-related NFTs to show up haha

Q2. Your project is named CoowNFT. Can you briefly introduce to us what is CoowNFT?

222: Yeah, everyone loves Coow and wants to be a cowboy. CoowNFT is a comprehensive platform integrating NFT staking, Launchpad, gamefi and other functions. Our Coow’s creation is very interesting. We give him various skills, attributes, different grades and element composition.

We will also design games based on its characteristics to realize PVE (Player Versus Environment) interaction. It is worth mentioning that we chose the pixel style to show our Coow. In our opinion, pixel style can better express our focus and pursuit for products.

111: Wait, different skills?  I know the game has not been released yet but can you disclose anything about the Cow’s ability in this PvE game you just mentioned? Is this like a Cow simulator or something like that?

222: I think it’s easy to guess,you can get a clue from the looks we’ve unveiled. Some of it will be similar, but there will certainly be more anthropomorphic and fantastical elements

111: yeah and if you have any links, any pictures or videos,… feel free to drop them here!

Q3. Which public chain is CoowNFT based on and why make such a choice?

222: Good question! As we know, many public chains now have their own NFT ecosystem. We have made a lot of comparisons in various public chains. Finally, we made a conclusion that the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) chain is a very good market opportunity for our team. Because the user base of the BSC public chain is very strong, but there is no particularly strong NFT project in the BSC ecology.

We are confident to become a crucial member of the NFT market in BSC ecology. This is our team’s choice after careful consideration

111: Now that’s ambitious

Q4. We just mentioned a very important part of the whole ecological link – Coow. Can you briefly introduce the purpose and interests of Coow? For example, how do they help users implement play to earn?

222: Coow is the foundation of all our ecology, and Coow will produce DAO tokens for the whole ecosystem. At the same time, Coow is also an important pass for us to launch pad. For the owner of Coow, we will set more attractive rights and interests in the future! It is a Coow who will create wealth!

Coow will produce our ecological DAO tokens $mlk,$mlk will generate $grass during pledge in the pledge pool,$grass can feed our Coow and make our Coow heavier.Heavier cattle produce more $mlk, so as to achieve a dynamic positive return cycle.

Q5. When does Coow’s NFT start selling and will there be a relevant white list setting?

111: Our pre-sale activities on the white list before public sale is underway now!Everyone can take part in it.

The specific date will be updated on our Twitter and discord. Follow them to learn about our latest progress

Coow Twitter:Tweets by CoowNft


111: Perfect! Coow NFT has also released a Tweet about this Whitelist event, so go and check them out people 

Q6. Will there be any additional surprises on the whitelist?

222: Of course, We will set some discounts for the NFTS and users whitelisted will have some additional related tokens  airdrop.

Our whitelist event is under way now. Follow our twitter and join in our discord, everyone will have a chance to list in.

111: An airdrop also

Q7. As mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of tokens in CoowNFT economical model. Can you briefly introduce these two tokens and their uses?

222: $mlk is the native and DAO tokens for

$mlk is the fuel of Coow ecosystem. Over time, the third-party NFT launched on will consume $mlk to increase their own NFT metadata and subsequent token output. This will lead to $mlk deflation because the consumed $mlk is burned.

$mlk is also DAO tokens for Whale users on need to ensure that they participate in the governance of $milk DAO. The number of voting rights held by each member will be determined by the number of $mlk they held.

We intend to make the Dao fully operational and achieve autonomy to a large extent in early 2024. The $mlk DAO will jointly decide the future of ecosystem by voting. A sufficient number of $mlk holders will be allowed to assist in managing $mlk DAO finance department, $mlk DAO finance department will hold a basket of Crypto assets to encourage users holding $mlk, and the members of $mlk DAO can vote to liquidate the assets and use them for ecosystem prosperity.

$grass is produced by pledging $mlk. The output of $grass is limited and remains deflationary.

All 10000 cows can eat $grass to get more weight, and the heavier cows will produce more milk. Used $grass will be permanently destroyed immediately.

111: Yes but investors are in this market to make profits, so how can Coow NFT incentivize investors enough so they will want to stick with the project?

222: The first is the circular economic system that we just mentioned, which helps us maintain economic stability. The second is that we have a rich ecosystem that can make tokens more valuable

111: Got it, Coow NFT has lots of features coming up, so what about other plans in the future?

Q8. You mentioned CoowNFT is built on BSC chain, do you have plans to involve in Binance NFT marketplace as well?

222: It’s our future plan. We have contacted the Binance NFT team and made some preliminary progress. We will actively contribute to the BSC ecology. With the popularity of the NFT trading market, we hope our market will become the opensea in BSC ecology.

We finally hope to make a protocol framework of third party games to expand our eco interface

111: wow and I hope you can reach all of your goals 222So you can be like the Steam of BSC huh 

222: Thanks,we believe in doing our best

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