Complete Binance Blockchain Week Travel Tickets Available Through Travala

Users can book flights, hotels, and activities ahead of the forthcoming Binance Blockchain Week.

Travel With Travala 

Ahead of the upcoming Binance Blockchain week 2022 in Dubai, Travala has announced that users can book flights and accommodation and make payments in $BNB. The crypto-friendly travel booking platform will accept BNB as payment for users interested in attending the event. 

The three-day event from March 28-30 promises to be an exciting experience for users, and Travala comes with a complete travel package for users who have purchased tickets to attend the event. According to Travala’s tweet on March 23, users can book an exclusive trip to Dubai, comprising flights, hotels, activities, etc.

Travala makes it easy to book flight tickets and travel from anywhere globally. With a quick search option, users can access different airlines and destinations at a selected date. The platform also allows users to choose from different flight options, ranging from the best price, best flights, shortest duration, departure time, and arrival time. 

Apart from flights, users can also book accommodation to places close to their preferred destinations and sort based on their preference. In addition, they can choose from options like distance from destination, rating, price, and more. Visit the Travala booking platform to learn more. 

From March 28, top influential speakers will be live at the Trade Center Arena, Dubai, to explore the future of blockchain, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), GameFi, Metaverse, and more. The event will last for three days, from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm daily, and will focus on many discussion points and world-class programming across the crypto space. BSC News published an informative piece about the blockbuster event on February 17. 

Binance Blockchain Week 2022 tickets are already sold out. However, users can get a feel of the event with a complete package made possible by Travala. For those who have purchased their tickets, this is an excellent chance to explore Travala’s package and access the best flight options from your destination to the best accommodation in Dubai.  

Binance NFT is also giving out exclusive rewards for those who attend the event, either in-person or online. Read our article for more information. 

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