Community Hype for GooodFellas Goes Wild Over Hacked NFTs

Interactivity and community engagement are driving forces of this popular new game Hacked from Gooodfellas NFT that’s handing out major Web3 prizes.

Hacked Winner Named Oct. 27; Second Round Oct. 31

The Gooodfellas NFT project is bringing new innovations to BNB Chain that are creating a rousing response from its NFT community. The first iteration of the Hacked game has driven different levels of interactivity while being full of community engagement.

The different levels of interactivity can be felt across different phases of the Hacked game. Users are fighting to be the first to hit the Hacked button every day, while gambling instincts compel some users to continually reenter their “hacked” Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Over 2,600 users played and re-entered their NFTs for a chance to win the 12.6 BNB prize pot (around $3,500!). This is a level of interaction seldom seen on BNB Chain.

“We don’t wanna ride the coattails of ETH projects. We want to be the first group building these innovations. With the work of three amazing artists, we can be the first to innovate in all of Web3,” Gooodfellas NFT Project Lead KC told BSC News.

The first winner, Twitter user @newboootgooofin, was crowned on Thursday, Oct. 27. The community excitement was well summarized by the reaction the user gave upon winning.

Perhaps the most impactful effect the game has is how participating NFTs are seeing their floor prices increase during the game. Participating NFTs like PancakeSquads and PixelSweepers are becoming even more hot items than they previously were.

The Gooodfellas second interaction of the Hacked game will begin on Oct. 31 and already has a prize pot of 12.6 BNB. Gooodfellas has more innovations, like Dynamic NFTs, coming to its platform as the team works to become a model project on BNB Chain and all of Web3.

What Is GooodFellas NFT:

GooodFellas NFTs is a new platform on BNB Chain that plans to launch four unique collections. Each collection is made possible through the artists behind PixelSweeper. Back by three prominent Web3 artists and a strong marketing team, they are building an innovative project to boost engagement and community activity.

The first collection, Binions, launched in July. The second collection, Hacked, launched in October.

Where to find GooodFellas NFT:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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