Commander DeFi Aims To Be The First Community Run BSC Project

In the world of Crypto where scams and rug pulls happen daily, the Commander DeFi ($COMFI) team aims to change the game by becoming the first community-run project in the BSC ecosystem, putting holder engagement and profitability first.

Commander DeFi Launch

Launched on 16 March 2022, Commander DeFi ($COMFI) token aims to be the first community-run project in the BSC ecosystem.

The world of Crypto, particularly the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, suffers from a lack of trust and transparency where scams and rug pulls happen daily. To combat this, the Commander DeFi team have placed honesty, holder engagement and profitability as the projects focus and have mapped the way into a complete decentralization for COMFI by the end of 2022.

“The vision for Commander DeFi is to be a fully decentralized, merit-based project and community members will and have been invited to join the dev, marketing and admin teams. We want to start COMFI as a crypto project by the community that will always put the community and investors first” said Rey, Doxed Lead Developer and Founder of Commander Defi.

Rey, known as The Commander, has years of experience as a crypto investor and developer, including as the Lead Developer for Kindly Coin. Kindly Coin is the world’s first measurable social impact cryptocurrency coin, wallet and exchange. He has also recruited a strong team of like minded graphic designers, marketing professionals, developers and investors from the ever-growing Commander DeFi community to ensure the success of the project.

The Commander Defi project includes three core elements, being a social token, utilities, and DAO. Central to its success will be the COMFI token which will play a vital role in acting as the main currency for the Commander DeFi ecosystem.

Utilities include the upcoming releases of Commander DeFi NFT Collections, Play to Earn (P2E) Games, and a suite of financial products like Staking, and Farming, which will further expand its utility.

With over $22 Billion spent worldwide on NFT’s last year, the Commander NFT Collection will offer owners both the opportunity to own rare, collectable artwork and have extra voting power within the Commander DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

All COMFI and Commander NFT holders will be able to submit proposals and vote in the DAO from the launch date, ensuring the COMFI community has a say in the future direction and development of the project.

There is a 10% transaction fee on all COMFI transactions. 3% is directed towards the Community Fund, a secured, multi-sig wallet managed by Commander DAO. The default use of this fee is for COMFI buybacks, but DAO Participants (aka Commanders) can vote and propose other uses for this Community Fund once approved by the DAO.

The remaining 7% is divided into reflection for holders, marketing operations and community-driven use cases like buybacks and holder airdrops. Token mechanics are variable and open to change if the community would decide to thanks to a flexible and secure smart contract configuration. 

COMFI has been successfully audited by CoinScope, leading auditing company for crypto startups.

With the initial seeding round being sold out in under 18 hours, Commander DeFi’s COMFI token will officially launch on PancakeSwap, 16 March 2022.

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