CoinWind AMA Recap hosts CoinWind: a single token mining income optimal platform on Heco and Binance Smart Chain

BSCdaily – Admin: Today with us we have CoinWind, a Heco ecological single token mining income optimal platform. The contract automatically matches pledged tokens to maximize all users’ incomes with a minimum hedging free loss strategy. It effectively solves single-token mining low profit and LP mining loss risk problems

BSCdaily – Admin: Welcome @Musk_CoinWind ^^

Musk @CoinWind: Hello, BSCdaily Community. This is Musk from CoinWind

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice to have you in the house Musk, thanks for coming

BSCdaily – Admin: Yeap, is my pleasure to be here

Q1: Could you tell us about yourself? What did you do before CoinWind and why did you choose to work for CoinWind?

Musk @CoinWind: Hello everyone, thank you for organizing this AMA event and all participants. This is Musk, the head of the CoinWind community. I am mainly responsible for CoinWind’s ecological business construction and community reaches out.

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome introduction

BSCdaily – Admin: let’s move on to our 1st session of today’s AMA -> Q&A with the host

Musk @CoinWind: yeap, let’s go

Q2: Could you tell us more about CoinWind and its recent updates? In other words, what does CoinWind do?

Musk @CoinWind: nice question

Musk @CoinWind: CoinWind is a DeFi intelligent mining financial platform that automatically matches the pledged tokens through contracts, and cooperates with the strategy of hedging impermanence to maximize the user’s income, effectively solves single token mining low income problem, and the impermanence of LP mining Risk issues such as large losses.

Musk @CoinWind: CoinWind aims to build a DeFi digital asset bank, launching a product that combines high-yield, safety, and reliability, pooling different tokens deposited by users into different pools, and then mobilizing funds from a certain token pool to participate in different liquidity meanings, so as to achieve higher profits for users.

BSCdaily – Admin: CoinWind products will effectively reduce the impermanence loss in liquidity mining through a combination strategy. At present, CoinWind has launched on Heco, then will run across multiple main chains such as ETH and BSC.

Q3: Cool, could you share some of CoinWind’s latest updates in detail?

Musk @CoinWind: Sure, here are some important developments of the CoinWind project with you.

Musk @CoinWind: On February 22, CoinWind launched on Heco and the total lock-up value (TVL) exceeded $100 million 10 mins after the launch; exceeded $150 million 3 hours after the launch.

Musk @CoinWind: On February 26, the second phase of CoinWind’s quota was opened, and the total lock-up volume exceeded $300 million in only 20 minutes.

Musk @CoinWind: On March 17th, CoinWind launched the V2 version. The V2 version increased revenue by adding matching currency pairs and optimizing hedging and LP matching strategies. 90 minutes after, the total lock-up volume exceeded $500 million

Musk @CoinWind: On March 18, CoinWind’s total lock-up volume exceeded $600 million. On March 19, CoinWind started single token mining for HBCH, HDOT, HLTC and other currencies.

Musk @CoinWind: Right now, CoinWind current TVL is around  $1.7 Billion


Musk @CoinWind: Here is CoinWind Official website: 

Q4: CoinWind is currently one of the most popular single-token mining platforms on the market, so what logic does CoinWind use to achieve high mining profits?

Musk @CoinWind: First of all, CoinQind mainly solves the following four major problems:

1. Lower the threshold for investors to participate in DeFi mining;

2. Solved the problem of low profit rate of single token participating in mining in DeFi mining;

3. More professional project selections and mining strategies to maximize the rate of return;

4. Screening audited, well-known, popular, and relatively reliable projects to ensure the safety of funds.

Musk @CoinWind: Regarding how to achieve high mining returns, you can refer to the machine gun pool logic, but our biggest difference is in the underlying strategy of the protocol. The core competition is how to maintain a high liquidity mining yield to attract users to provide liquidity pools.

Musk @CoinWind: At this stage, MDEX is the main mining base. Users only need to invest a single coin, and the smart contract will automatically match the high-yield liquid mining capital pool for mining. In addition, CoinWind helps users to hedge automatically through a combined mining strategy. The impermanence loss in liquidity mining maximizes revenue while minimizing impermanence loss.

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice, I noticed that you mentioned impermanent loss!

Q5: So how does CoinWind avoid impermanent losses and become one of the leading mining income optimal platforms?

Musk @CoinWind: The CoinWind team ourselves have been focusing on the direction of blockchain DeFi and contract development. After the Heco main chain became popular, we quickly studied the current ecological value and determined the direction of empowerment. The CoinWind team completed the development, audit, and launch of the contract in more than one month. For other projects on the market, many projects are only positioned as machine gun pools, just using users’ token to mine which is not responsible for the impermanence of users. We are positioned as a DeFi financial management platform, not just a tool aggregator.

BSCdaily – Admin: Well done

Musk @CoinWind: The previous question also mentioned a part. When users come to CoinWind, they only need to invest in a single token. The smart contract will automatically match the high-yield liquid mining capital pool and help users automatically hedge the impermanence of liquid mining through a combination of mining strategies.

Musk @CoinWind: In addition, CoinWind’s own funds will maximize the reduction of the impermanence of LP pools through liquidity hedging, so as to ensure the highest profit for users.

CoinWind currently has many advantages such as maximum revenue, single currency mining, avoidance of impermanent losses, selected mining projects, simple operation, and high security. CoinWind will switch funds to higher-yield DeFi projects for liquidity mining, providing our investors with higher mining returns.

Musk @CoinWind: Current, Coinwind supported 27 tokens

Musk @CoinWind: 14 for Heco and 13 for BSC

Remember to check out CoinWind media and website guys:

BSCdaily – Admin: 



 Telegram: @CoinWind

 Announcements: @CoinwindNews


Q6: What exactly does CoinWind do for “liquidity hedging”, can you give me an example?

Musk @CoinWind: CoinWind can automatically monitor the pool LP price and the constant product to complete the hedge, which can ensure that impermanence is minimized.

For example, when the price drops, there will be more BTC in LP and less USDT, and we will automatically sell the corresponding BTC in exchange for USDT.

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome

Q7: Which tokens will be added for mining in CoinWind in the future? Will CoinWind add more LP mining?

Musk @CoinWind: We have a dedicated financial team that will continue to screen high-quality projects for users and screen good investment targets. After internal evaluation, more mining tokens and more quotas will be released one by one.

Musk @CoinWind: For whether CoinWind will add more LP mining, CoinWind will not add LP minings

Musk @CoinWind: we will focus on single token mining for at least short term

Musk @CoinWind: Please follow CoinWind Twitter for the latest updates


BSCdaily – Admin: Looking forward for more tokens on CoinWind

Q8CoinWind was launched on Heco main first, and uses $MDX as the value target, is it because you believe in their potentials?

Musk @CoinWind: Yes, MDEX is the largest platform on Heco. It is a decentralized trading product that automatically makes markets based on the concept of a fund pool. As a fully functional DEX, it is also proposed and implemented. A dual-chain DEX model based on Heco and Ethereum public chains. Combining the advantages of the low transaction fees of Heco and the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, it supports the “dual mining mechanism” of liquidity mining and transaction mining.

Musk @CoinWind: I would say that MDEX.COM is the core hub of value exchange in the Heco ecosystem, and an important attempt to open up the CeFi and DeFi markets, whether it is from the strong growth potential of the encrypted trading track or a rampant comparison of the core data of several current top DEXs Indicators, the potential value of MDEX platform pass MDX is obviously underestimated, and we are very optimistic about the future of MDEX.

Q9: CoinWind added the re-investment feature recently. Could you briefly introduce how the re-investment is achieved? How will the rate of return of each currency in the pool improve?

Musk @CoinWind: great question

Musk @CoinWind: First of all, let’s talk about why we need to reinvest. The income generated by current user mining is in the LP pool without any use, which causes the funds to be idle and does not maximize their value; on the other hand, the mining income is lower than in the past. In order to increase user revenue, we have added a re-investment function.

Musk @CoinWind: So how does the contract realize the reinvestment? Every 5-10 minutes, the contract will invest the income generated by mining into high-yield projects, and the new income generated will be reinvested again, which can improve the efficient use of income funds and reduce the manual reinvestment of users. Costs in terms of capital (miner fees) and time.

Musk @CoinWind: After the reinvestment, the project yield will increase by more than 40% on the current basis.

Musk @CoinWind: In addition, the most critical point is to mbinanake a supplementary explanation: as time goes by, the return on reinvestment will get higher and higher.

Musk @CoinWind: At the same time, I also suggest that you do not frequently withdraw the proceeds from CoinWind in the future.

BSCdaily – Admin: Final question

Q10: What are the future development plans for CoinWind?

Musk @CoinWind: There are two main development paths for CoinWind in the future:

Musk @CoinWind: One is to continue to deepen the Heco and BSC main chain and expand the pool, quota, and token covered to allow more token holders to participate;

Musk @CoinWind: The second is to launch on other main chains, such as ETH, OKT, so that there will be more high-quality projects and pools for mining.

Musk @CoinWind: For community users, we will open up more tokens and quotas for everyone to invest; at the same time, we also hope to continuously optimize strategies, improve products, and create higher returns for the majority of users.

BSCdaily – Admin: Remember to check out CoinWind media and website:



 Telegram: @CoinWind

 Announcements: @CoinwindNews


BSCdaily – Admin: As we are coming to the end of the AMA. @Musk_CoinWind, anything else you’d like to add before the end?

Musk @CoinWind: I am glad to be here with BSCdaily

BSCdaily – Admin: Thanks for coming to today’s AMA @Musk_CoinWind

Musk @CoinWind: Thanks BSCdaily Community

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