– Changing the Power of the Decentralized Exchange

The project seeks to be the most innovative and revolutionary DEX in the entire DEX ecosystem, offering numerous DeFi solutions all in one place.

What Is CoinSwap? 

CoinSwap is the world’s first Decentralized Cloud (DeCloud) trading protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol is committed to building a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem integrating Cloud mining, Non-fungible tokens (NFT), Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), GameFi, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and more.

Since its inception in 2021, CoinSwap has been a revelation in the DEX industry. The protocol offers numerous features, providing users with more DeFi utility. In addition, the Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol provides users with options to diversify their DeFi experience on BSC with numerous solutions. Offers The Best Features 

As stated earlier, Coinswap offers numerous solutions that make its ecosystem one of the best in the DeFi industry. These solutions ensure that users enjoy the best experience of trading, mining, rewards, etc., all in one place. In short, the protocol boasts several features that make it a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem and the best DEX in the industry. 

Such core solutions/features include: 

Innovative Node And Supernode NFT

The node and supernode are regarded as the protocol’s unique features. Users have the chance to create a supernode and build a domain name without code. With this feature, anyone can create a complete trading system within the CoinSwap ecosystem. 

Users would also earn rewards as they build their ecosystem within CoinSwap. For example, they would obtain commissions, coin mining rewards, and share the trading depth of the entire CoinSwap community. 

AMM Transaction 

CoinSwap is an AMM-based protocol. This ensures that the DEX realizes a high utilization rate of funds, offers low slippage and has a small risk of impermanence. In addition, CoinSwap supports the exchange between cryptocurrencies, including numerous mining strategies such as liquidity mining and trade mining mechanisms.  

Referral Reward 

CoinSwap rewards users with referral rewards. Each user gets commission in transaction and mining anytime they refer their friends to utilize the protocol’s unique solutions. This way, the DEX ecosystem expands as new users join via referrals while users earn the protocol’s native $COINS token. 

Fair Mining Rewards 

Users who utilize CoinSwap’s offerings, including trading, providing liquidity, single token mining, liquidity migration, and many others, will obtain mining rewards. In addition, they would also obtain $COINS tokens fairly. 

Fully Customizable Experience 

Users have the option to customize their one-stop DeFi platform in any form. In addition, they can integrate CoinSwap’s all-in-one solutions like DEX, NFT, DAO, etc., ensuring that the platform is more effective and convenient to their taste.  

Advanced Trading and Professional Settings 

Although CoinSwap’s Supernode NFT makes the protocol stand out amongst other DEX’s, its advanced trading feature is incredible. This feature distinguishes the protocol from the competition in the DeFi industry. Users can utilize CoinSwap’s advanced trading with professional settings. 

CoinSwap advanced trading solution provides users with the best experience, ensuring that they see the depth of the market in real-time while trading for the first time on the DEX. 

COINS Used as Trading Fees 

CoinSwap is the first DEX globally that uses its native token to pay for transaction fees with a discount rate of up to 50%. Additionally, the $COINS used as transaction fees will be burned as deflation. 

Swap, Liquidity Pool, Farms 

CoinSwap supports one-click migration to share liquidity. Users can earn LP rewards, swap, and stake LP tokens to earn $COINS in numerous farm vaults. 

$COINS Tokenomics 

The maximum total amount of $COINS on BSC is 1 billion and it is distributed across the entire ecosystem. 10% of the total supply is used as team rewards for development and operations. 7% is used as a foundation reserve to support subsequent related investment and financing, partners and construction and improvement of the CoinSwap ecosystem. This percentage is focused on providing more sufficient and beneficial resources for CoinSwap’s development. 

Furthermore, 1% of the total supply of $COINS is used for brand building and promotion of marketing operations. In comparison, 2% is used for airdrops, supernode NFT rewards, bug bounty rewards, community rewards, among others. Finally, the large chunk of the percentage — 80% of $COINS is used for liquidity mining, transaction mining, and single mining on BSC. 

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $COINS 

Team 10%: 100,000,000

Foundation 7%: 70,000,000

Brand Building 1%: 10,000,000

BSC Mining 80%: 800,000,000

Airdrop 2%: 20,000,000

COINS Genesis Mining 

CoinSwap’s native asset has no private sale, no Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and no pre-mining. Instead, $COINS is distributed through airdrop, trading mining, liquidity mining, and single token mining. 

Genesis mining on CoinSwap is a cloud mining service on the protocol that offers an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without dealing with complex hardware and software setup. The genesis mining of $COINS was scheduled to commence on October 20th but was adjusted after some in-house deliberations. CoinSwap published an update concerning the adjustments on October 23rd. 

“Dear users: 

After strategic considerations and tokenomics optimization, has decided to accept the suggestions of many COINS holders to temporarily stop trade mining and make adjustments to the liquidity mining pool and single token mining pool. This adjustment is of great significance to the sustainable development of in the later period and protects the rights and interests of COINS holders to the greatest extent. We hope that all users understand and support‘s decision and work together to promote the advancement and development of,” the blog read. 

With this in mind, Genesis mining of $COINS has commenced. However, trade mining has been temporarily halted and CoinSwap will notify users of the reopening date separately. Adjustments of the liquidity mining coefficient are enclosed in the blog

Rules of COINS Genesis Mining 

The DEX will release COINS by staged mining. Genesis mining is expected to release about 10.4% of the total amount on BSC, which is 100 million COINS. The mining halving cycle is 2 months, and the initial single block unlocks 26.0417 COINS. Therefore, it is expected that genesis mining will be suspended after at most two halvings. 

Token Ticker: COINS 

Genesis Mining Block: 11937000, at 12:00 UTC, October 20th, subject to block height. 

Halving cycle: 2 months 

Liquidity mining linear release cycle: 30 days 

Maximum Total amount of genesis mining: 104,000,000 COINS 

Liquidity, transaction mining, single mining: 8%, 80 million COINS. 

Foundation: It will release 0.35%, which is 3,500,000 COINS in the early stage (allocated for the initial liquidity, marketing, and strategic partnership, and listing for exchange purposes). In order to avoid the problem of insufficient liquidity of the COINS in the early stages, the foundation will provide some initial liquidity of COINS. Still, the USDT, BUSD and BNB received from the previous sale of COINS will be participated in liquidity market of the COINS/USDT, COINS/BUSD, COINS/BNB trading pair and this part of liquidity will not be withdrawn within 2 months. The platform will announce the transaction addresses. 

Team: 10,000,000 COINS — 1% 

Airdrop: 10,000,000 COINS — 1% 

Note: CoinSwap will distribute the COINS airdrops for free to addresses. The following users are eligible to receive $COINS airdrop: 

Users who have recently traded and added liquidity on PancakeSwap, Mdex, Ellipsis, Biswap, ApeSwap, BakerySwap, DoDo, and BabySwap. 

Users who traded or added liquidity on

The CoinSwap community 

Supernode NFT

CoinSwap will decide to suspend genesis mining and start the second round mining after the second halving. 

Final Thoughts 

CoinSwap is among the most innovative and revolutionary DEXes in the entire DEX ecosystem on BSC. The protocol is just some months old and has made some significant progress across the DeFi space. Its unique blend of the typical DEX features and increased functionality provides users with numerous DeFi use-cases. 

With the numerous features at hand, we expect that users will continue to adopt the protocol and enjoy the best DeFi experience all in one place. 

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