Coinracer – Drive Your Way to Victory

Coinracer is a multiplayer Play-to-Earn game powered by a unique rewards mechanism and sustainable tokenomics.

Introducing Coinracer

Coinracer is a blockchain-based Web Graphics Library (WebGL) multiplayer game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game offers users the chance to earn tokens for winning a race, and rewards are distributed between winners using its unique CoinracerSmartPool (CSP). The CSP is responsible for dividing the prize pool tokens between the winners and paying gas fees. 

One essential feature of the GameFi protocol is that users with little or no blockchain knowledge can quickly understand the game and start playing. Users need to purchase the protocol’s native $CRACE token to participate in the game. Thus, the $CRACE BEP20 token powers the protocol’s in-game economy. By contributing a fixed amount of tokens before they participate, players fund the prize pool. 

In short, Coinracer is an interactive multiplayer blockchain-powered skill-based racing game where users can play to earn. With the protocol’s contract-backed CSP, users can race to earn $CRACE tokens in a completely decentralized manner. The project seeks to provide one of the best NFT GameFi experiences on BSC.

The Coinracer Ecosystem

The Coinracer ecosystem is made up of many key features such as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, NFT cars, game modes, tournaments, and many others. 

NFT Minting And Marketplace: On Coinracer, users can mint their own unique NFT cars and race with them or trade them on the NFT marketplace. What’s more, the game modes are created to benefit every player on the gaming metaverse.

Free-to-Play (F2P) Game Mode: This mode is a single-player mode where users participate by driving the Coinracer “Bolt” car. In the F2P mode, players can participate in “Best time” tournaments where the top scorers on the leaderboard will share the prize pool rewards. 

Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game Mode: Two game modes in the P2E mode are 1v1 and 2v2 battles. In these modes, players will compete for the money that they have contributed to the prize pool. Players must mint their custom Coinracer NFT cars to participate in the P2E multiplayer game modes. Although all cars will have different appearances and sizes, they will not affect the gameplay – so every competitor has an equal chance of winning. 

Practice Mode: Players in their leisure time can select the Coinracer Bolt car or any minted NFT car and practice to learn their strengths and weaknesses before entering any game mode. 

Tournament: Alpha tournaments last for one week per tournament. Every user can participate in the Alpha tournament and win BUSD prizes. In order to participate, players need to perform the following tasks: 

Launch the Coinracer game on the protocol’s website. 

Connect your Metamask wallet. 

Select “Tournament” from the menu.

Pay 50 $CRACE + gas fee to participate in a single try or 500 $CRACE for unlimited attempts in a single tournament. 

There is no restart option during the race. The only way to restart is to go back to the main menu and start again. 

You can enter your username after racing two laps, after which your name will be included in the leaderboard. 

Locked Liquidity and Zero Transaction Fees: The $CRACE liquidity is locked until September 2023. In addition, users can buy and sell without any $CRACE fees except gas fees. 

$CRACE Tokenomics 

Coinracer tokenomics allows for the stability of growth cycles. As such, the $CRACE token will never suffer from inflation. 

Token Ticker: CRACE 

Architecture: BEP20

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Decimals: 18

Vesting: The vesting schedule and distribution for all wallets in the GameFi protocol is as follows: 

Team and Advisors Wallet: 12,000,000 $CRACE. Initial Unlock: 6%. 20-month vesting period. 

Development Wallet: 15,000,000 $CRACE. Initial Unlock: 6%. 17-month vesting period. 

Community Wallet: 6,000,000 $CRACE. Initial Unlock: 5%. 20-month vesting period. 

Marketing Wallet: 15,000,000 $CRACE.  3-month cliff and Initial Unlock: 20%. 16-month vesting period. 

Operations Wallet: 5,000,000 $CRACE. Initial Unlock: 20%. 5-month vesting period. 

P2E Tournament and Event Wallet: 7,900,000 $CRACE. Initial Unlock: 20%. 20-month vesting period. 

Coinracer First NFT Minting Event 

As stated earlier, the GameFi platform offers players the chance to mint NFT cars to participate in multiplayer game modes. With this in mind, the first NFT minting event is about to launch! Here are the details of the event below: 

Date: Thursday, November 24th, 2021

Time: To Be Announced (TBA) 

Number of NFTs: 5000

Minting Price: $100 (30% CRACE and 70% BNB)

Number of Models: 5 (Plus 2 Whitelist Exclusives) 

Anthony, the Marketing Manager of Coinracer, explained the details of the event in an exclusive interview with BSC News on November 14th.

“Each of the five NFT models will be available at a specific percentage of the total 5,000, meaning everyone has an equal chance to mint one of the rarer NFT models,” Anthony said. “The minting event will take place on the Coinracer website, and vehicles minted will be available to view in-game in the user’s garage. In addition to the garage, NFTs can be viewed on the secondary marketplace, which we have focused on having available before the minting event.” 

Coinracer will reveal one of seven NFTs each day from November 12th to November 24th. The first that will be unveiled is the “Coinracer GT”. Whitelist NFTs will be airdropped on Tuesday, November 23rd, to eligible users. 

Full Multiplayer P2E Beta Launch 

Coinracer will launch its P2E multiplayer beta version at the end of December after the NFT minting event. Players will need NFT cars to participate in real-time multiplayer racing on the same track. In addition, the P2E mode is designed to offer users equal opportunity to earn in-game rewards. 

Last Words 

Coinracer brings race-to-earn crypto gaming to millions of people. The protocol combines blockchain with 3D gaming to ensure that users enjoy the best GameFi experience on BSC while earning crypto. The latest developments on the protocol promise to be exciting for gamers as Coinracer looks to create an extraordinary multiplayer crypto-gaming P2E metaverse. 

BSC users can expect the GameFi protocol to continue its positive progress in the gaming industry. With the upcoming NFT minting event, Coinracer has taken another massive step towards its growth in the NFT GameFi space. 

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