Coinology: The All-In-One Crypto Marketing and Analytics Hub

The platform’s comprehensive solutions will allow users to research, chart, track, and swap tokens across multiple chains.

$OLOGY Private Sale

All-in-one analytics and marketing platform, Coinology is set to launch the Private Sale of its native token, $OLOGY, on GemPad on October 21 at 7 PM UTC. The sale will run through October 26, 9 PM UTC, with a minimum and maximum buy set at 0.1 BNB and 25 BNB, respectively.

Coinology focuses on a broader spectrum of solutions, combining features from existing crypto analytics platforms and unique ones desirable to the market. With the platform’s all-in-one solution, users will be able to research, chart, track, and swap tokens across all major chains.

The ENS domain support will be one of the platform’s unique and most significant features. This will provide ENS domain owners with a way to market and sell their domains.


What is Coinology:

Coinology is a next-generation analytics and marketing platform for all things related to cryptocurrency. The project aims to minimize time spent researching by providing users with a platform that hosts the most recent projects, as well as offering market data, insights, and tools for making improved financial decisions. Coinology is built to serve both project founders and investors, providing specific instructions for investing, marketing, and maintaining cryptocurrency projects.

Audit Check

With utmost concern for security, Coinology has released a successful smart contract audit report from auditing company InterFi Network.

Coinology Platform Features


The platform will support multiple blockchains, including established and upcoming ones, with an emphasis on early adoption and promotion of upcoming blockchains.

Built-in DEX and Charts

Coinology will take the analytics sector a step further by providing a unified ecosystem for traders and investors to access blockchain data and execute swaps. The interface will offer users a comprehensive view of their investments, trading, and the current state of the crypto market.

ENS Section

The support for ENS domains is one of Coinology’s standout features, allowing users to easily market their ENS domain names without leaving the platform.

Crypto & Economy Coverage (CEC)

Coinology will provide real-time coverage of crypto, finance, and NFT news through external resources, ensuring that users stay up-to-date with not just the latest token releases, but any eventual changes in market fundamentals. This feature will expand the demographic by providing further exposure to the Coinology website and token.


With NFTs becoming more mainstream, Coinology aims to capture a market share by providing an efficient way for projects and individuals to market NFTs. Similar to tokens, projects (including newer ones) will be able to advertise their mints, with the community voting for top spots. In addition, the website will offer a secondary market where users can put up their already-minted NFTs for sale for a small royalty fee.

Safety Section

The numerous protocol vulnerability exploits counted so far in 2022 make this feature a much-needed one. Coinology will integrate safety tools that automatically scan projects for scams, uneven token distribution, etc.

Partners and Affiliates

In a bid to rapidly increase brand recognition and expand the business, Coinology will build solid partnerships, a growing list of influencers, and offer an innovative affiliate program that creates additional income for users while ensuring constant growth.

$OLOGY Tokenomics

The Coinology token – $OLOGY, is the native token of the platform that combines utility, transparency, and real business revenue. It is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 125,000,000.

Project owners who pay in $OLOGY instead of stablecoins will receive a 10% discount. Post mainnet, token holders will be able to earn a percentage of revenue generated by the platform via $OLOGY staking, allowing the community to earn passive income through real business solutions. $OLOGY stakers will also gain access to exclusive whitelists, in-house NFT airdrops, and other attractive bonuses. In addition, they will be able to participate in governance via a DAO, bringing fairness and transparency to the project.

Find more information about Coinology token distribution and vesting schedules in the whitepaper.

Project Roadmap

Coinology’s goal-oriented roadmap displays exciting plans for the final quarter of 2022, including a public IDO launch, Alpha Testnet launch, mainnet development, ambassador program, partnerships, and tier-one and two exchange agreements.

The first quarter of 2023 will see tier-one CEX listings, mainnet launch, DAO and staking launch, and more.

With projects able to advertise and users tracking their tokens in one place, Coinology’s sweeping solutions will offer an enhanced user experience for both new and experienced crypto investors.

Learn more about Coinology via the following links:

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