Coinfluence: Influencer-Based Launchpad for Accelerating Promising Blockchain Projects

The platform offers viral exposure to start-up teams and does so in style with their influencer collaborations.

The Viral Issue

The young cryptocurrency market is growing at a healthy rate. A report recently published by Chainalysis reveals that crypto adoption grew 880% in the last 12 months.

Cryptocurrency growth is a result of the attraction of new people to the industry and the development of new projects.

 However, some promising projects have failed to reach their full potential due to an unlevel playing field in marketing and fundraising.

Viral exposure for new projects is a necessary ingredient for new projects to succeed. Thanks to an innovative launchpad called Coinfluence, new startups have a better shot at success.

Introducing Coinfluence

Coinfluence is an influencer-based launchpad accelerating the best blockchain projects onto the global stage. The next-generation launchpad seeks to create viral exposure for deserving crypto projects through its community that will have over 100,000 influencers if all goals are met.

Coinfluence recently announced its collaboration with famed rapper and musician Bow Wow who has about 7.7 million followers across Instagram and Twitter.

Bow Wow joins the Coinfluence family. 

Bow Wow is the first of many to come on board as Coinfluence marches on towards its goal of partnering with influencers from several industries such as crypto, tech, and entertainment.

As it builds its footprint in the industry, Coinfluence is currently in the second stage of its ICO in which token buyers can purchase $CFLU tokens at discounted prices. $CFLU is the native cryptocurrency of Coinfluence’s ecosystem.

Coinfluence’s ICO ends on November 17th and the $CFLU token will be listed on PancakeSwap and other leading exchanges. 

The project is keeping the ICO alive and interesting by holding competitions and giveaways. For example, people who buy $CFLU tokens worth $35 are automatically entered into a draw where they can potentially win a MacBook Pro laptop. The draw is done after every 1,000 transactions and it is streamed live for transparency.

Coinfluence is currently offering incentives to users who can predict the names of two celebrities (from a list of 9 names) that the project is bringing on the platform. 

In the future, $CFLU token holders will have a say in the decisions made by the project, highlighting the relevance and importance of the token.

More on $CFLU Token

$CFLU is a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is part of the reason why token purchases during the ongoing ICO were made with Binance Coin (BNB) before the development team added support for Ether.

$CFLU will grant holders access to engage in activities such as voting for influencers, projects, and new features to be added on the launchpad.

Token holders will also trade $CFLU on listed exchanges where its value will be determined by the open markets.

Coinfluence will incentivize $CFLU token holders by charging a 10% tax fee on every transaction. 4% of the tax fee will be distributed to token holders based on their stake.

The token supply is better illustrated by the image below:

Coinfluence Tokenomics: How $CFLU token supply will be distributed.

Concluding Thoughts

The project’s doxxed team with extensive experience in the blockchain and tech spaces tells a story of a project that is in it for the long haul.

Coinfluence’s value proposition is clear: building a growing portfolio of projects that rewards token investors and the community with an appreciating $CFLU. For projects, Coinfluence offers a one-stop shop to create viral exposure, build strong and vocal communities, and most importantly, raise funds to finance growth and expansion.

For aspiring projects, Coinfluence is the bridge that connects an idea to a working product. For investors, the launchpad is the path to discovering new crypto gems with the potential to moon.

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