Coinbase Inks Long-Term Deal With Forward Thinking NBA

The NBA continues its crypto foray after various teams have already committed to their own respective fan tokens.

Coinbase Lands Another Slam Dunk

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is formally partnering with Coinbase on a multi-year deal. 

The announcement was made official on October 19th through an NBA press release. The deal will also encompass the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), NBA G League, USA Basketball, and NBA 2k League. 

“The deal, which marks the first cryptocurrency platform partnership for each league, will consist of unique content, innovations, activations and experiences from Coinbase to educate fans on the increasing advancements happening across the crypto economy,” the press release outlined. 


Coinbase was thrilled with a deal that signifies a landmark moment for them as they continue to garner more interest and follow from the masses. The NBA has already shown signs of working with some other crypto-related groups like, FTX, and more. 

“The freedom to participate and benefit from the things you believe in is at the heart of Coinbase’s mission.  Nobody believes this more than NBA and WNBA fans.  We’re proud to become the Leagues’ official cryptocurrency partner,” Chief Marketing Officer at Coinbase, Kate Rouch, went on to say.  “As part of the partnership, we will create interactive experiences to engage with the NBA and WNBA’s incredible community and athletes around the world.”

The crypto giant remained tight-lipped on the exclusive aspects of this deal that will be forthcoming, but they will have been delighted to follow the announcement of their own NFT marketplace with an agreement of this enormity. 

The NBA is the premier basketball league in the world and has long been viewed as forward-thinking in marketing and public relations. With just 1% of world value still in crypto, massive mainstream deals like this can go far in helping mainstream exposure. 

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