Citizen Conflict Alpha Test Amazes Before First Tournaments

Citizen Conflict is running its Alpha test and has several content competitions prepared to bring in users.

Citizen Conflict Alpha Test

Citizen Conflict has debuted its free-to-play alpha test on BNB Chain, and the first glimpses of gameplay are leaving users wanting more!

The Citizen Conflict Alpha test opened before Christmas on December 22 following a successful IDO on platforms like FireStarter. The hero shooter game built with the Unreal Engine 5 has been fixing and patching bugs as players put the nascent game to the test in the Alpha version. The Alpha test will run until January 15 as the game markets itself to boost exposure and build community.

Web3 gaming influencer Spike jumped on to test the game with the Citizen Conflict team, describing the game as a “really cool hero shooter” that is “worth checking out.”

Revolutionizing concepts like ownership and portability, products like Citizen Conflict prove blockchain gaming is ready to take the video game industry to the next level.

Citizen Conflict has taken to tournament-style engagement to entice users to come to play. The first allowed users to anoint an “Alpha King,” crowning their favorite character following rounds of voting “wars.” The game also plans additional content competitions and game tournaments with prize money up for grabs.

Citizen Conflict requires players to register for free and create a QORPO ID to begin playing. Check it out here.

What is Citizen Conflict:

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play, team-based shooter game set in the dystopian world of Ether Islands, where every match is fought for survival and valuable loot. The upcoming AAA experience is built in Unreal Engine 5 by the gaming industry veterans and professional esports players to deliver a highly competitive product for everybody.

Where to find Citizen Conflict:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium 

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