Chester.MOON – Autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol


Chester.Moon is built on the deflationary token model where tokens are removed from the market over time. A hard fork of the Safe Moon project, Chester.Moon boasts of advanced features and enormous possibilities.  

Chester.Moon tokens $CTRFI  is a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain. The main advantage of deflationary tokens to models like these is that they prevent the market from being flooded with excess tokens as more are mined, created, or sold off by the creators. As of now with a low market cap, many crypto enthusiasts are investing the coin as the longer they stay, the more value they will earn from their investment. 

The project also establishes trust as it offers proof of the LP token burn and the ownership has been transferred to the community. Let’s now have a look at what is unique about this project. 

 What’s unique about Chester.Moon

·        Programmed to reward holders while increasing liquidity and value of the coin

·        Only 5% fee will be automatically added to the liquidity pool and it is locked forever when someone sells.

·        3% fee is automatically distributed to all holders.

·        45% tokens have been burned at launch to ensure price rise 

·        5% of liquidity fee will be rewarded to all those with diamond hands (long-time holders)

·        The liquidity pool tokens burned at launch proofs it is rock solid, contract ownership renounced at launch now has been owned by the community


TOT Supply =


Marketing =

Initial liquidity = 2 BNB

What about the security of the project?

One of the most important questions with deflationary tokens (as mentioned above) is that they are removed from the market via a variety of methods including token buy-backs and token burns from the token creators. Chester.moon project shares the proof on their website – that 45% of the tokens have been burst and this can be verified with the link here-

 How to buy $CTRFI? 

One can exchange any altcoin in order to buy the $CTRFI token on PancakeSwap. A decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap is famous in the crypto community for swapping BEP-20 tokens. 

Now this is where the PancakeSwap platform needs to be used. Operating as an AMM (Automatic Market Maker) that will help you swap currencies listed on the Binance Smart Chain which you have just enabled in your Metamask Wallet. 

If you wish to buy $CTRFI token, follow these few simple steps- 

1)     Open this token swap URL on PancakeSwap exchange –

2)     First you need to select the altcoin with which you wish to buy/swap $CTRFI token in the ‘From’ section

3)     Enter the number of altcoin you wish to exchange 

4)     In the ‘To’ section enter in the BSC address – 0xb74ed4112C23B7c8ef1439FA55D304D537C5599B to get the $CTRFI token 

5)     Click on ‘Unlock Wallet’ and voila, you have bought $CTRFI tokens. 

How does one make money with $CTRFI tokens?

·         You hold a $CTRFI token.

·         When more people buy the token, the supply decreases as it is limited

·         This leads to a rise in the value of the token.

·         If with the rise in value, token holders sell their tokens, the hodlers will get rewarded. They will get more tokens as 3% of the fee is automatically distributed to all of them.

Crypto enthusiast’s reaction to Chester.Moon

The crypto community has showered lots of love on the Chester.Moon project. They have already crossed 5000+ subscribers on Telegram whereas their Twitter handle is being followed by 8000+ users. On the BscScan one finds that around 32K wallet addresses are holding $CTRFI token. One of the biggest attractions for crypto holders is that the price is already up by 2000x.


The project’s roadmap began with the safe launch of the project in 2021 with LP token burn in the first quarter of 2021. Next in line was to promote the project with the help of Youtube Influencers and get the Smart Contract audited. One of the biggest achievements in the first quarter was the project was listed on Coingecko while the CoinMarketCap listing is still in process. In the second quarter of the year, the project plans to initiate Community votes, events and competitions as well as initiate NFT staking and mining. With further improvement of the ecosystem, the $CTRFI token is planned to be listed on other established exchanges. The marketing efforts will be initialized in full throttle as the overall goal is to achieve 100,000X in price.

Source : bscdaily

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