Charity Tokens Highlighted in AMAChella that Cares

Four top projects on BNB Chain graced the event, which focused on impacting society.

Huge Charity Token Lineup 

BSC News hosted four top projects on BNB Chain in the latest AMAChella, which focused on using crypto and blockchain to make the world a better place. The event featured Feed Every Gorilla (FEG) TokenMunch TokenSave Planet Earth (SPE) Token, and Cure Token

The charity token AMAChella was held via a Twitter space on March 29 at 7 PM UTC, and each project had expert representatives. BSC News also covered the event live through a Twitter thread, while the event started with a brief introduction from each representative. 

“Cure token is a nonprofit: The first charity token for pediatric cancer. The project is looking to leverage crypto and philanthropy to build a better world. The project is a community-driven network that leverages NFTs to battle against cancers and beyond,” told quoted Jacob Beckley, the Founder, and CEO of Cure token. 


Co-founder and director of SPE, Imran Ali, CEO of Cure Token, Jacob Beckly, RTRcrypto, global project manager of FEG, Rodrigo Silva, CEO of Munch Token, and more spoke at the event, which lasted for over one hour. 

The AMAChella initiative launched by BSC News in July 2021 is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session held on different social media outlets, including Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. The sessions are highly informative, featuring projects from diverse ecosystems. The latest AMAChella focused on projects that impact society by donating to charity through exceptional mechanisms. 

Some key topics were discussed, including how each project would generate funds for its charitable activities. Join the Twitter Space HERE to listen to the recording of the informative session. Also, visit the BSC News Twitter thread for more information. 

BSC News also hosted a giveaway worth $1800 to celebrate the event. Sixty winners would be chosen to share the prize pool after completing six easy steps outlined on the gleam page HERE. As of writing, over 11900 users have submitted their entries, and BSC News will stop receiving submissions at 19:00 UTC today, March 30. 

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