Changpeng Zhao Writes to ‘Strong Supporter’ Following Binance Geo-Restrictions

Show of support from CEO is not enough to overcome the realities of geopolitics.

Show of Appreciation

Due to recent regulatory imposition, the popular crypto influencer and Binance evangelist Crypto Bethany, has had her Binance account geo-restricted. Following the suspension of services on her Binance account, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ),  has assured her, ‘it’s not our call.’

In his personal message, CZ expressed regret and showed support to Crypto Bethany. Zhao was keen to acknowledge the role that Bethany has played as a Binance supporter and evangelist.

“Damn, that is really sad. You have been such a strong supporter of #Binance. I don’t know which area you are from, but trust me, it’s not our call,” he responded. He went on to add, “Let’s hope things improve over time and we can be of service to you again in the future.”

Bethany, who has always been a strong supporter and proponent of Binance and Binance Coin (BNB), took to Twitter on September 24th to say she ‘knew it was coming’ but it was a ‘sad moment.’ It is unknown if Bethany will be able to use Binance again. 

Binance geo-restrictions

Binance has faced a wave of restrictions in 2021, with regulators queuing up to impose draconian cease and desist rulings upon the exchange. Regulators from the UKMalaysia, Japan and Ontario are among the governing bodies making things tough for Zhao and his team.

In Australia, the jurisdiction where Bethany is based, Binance confirmed in a blog post on September 21st that it will cease offering futures, options or leveraged tokens of any kind after December 23rd. Users can top up existing positions to prevent liquidation until that deadline, but any attempt to open new positions will receive geo-restriction notices.

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